The new rules are expected to be implemented in 2022, and some universities have already notified them

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The number of graduates taking the national postgraduate entrance exam will increase from 3.77 million to 4.57 million between 2021 and 2022.An increase of 800,000 in one year is staggering.But, to numerous take an examination of grind party, take an examination of grind is not a simple thing, on the one hand take an examination of grind number is numerous, competition is very intense.With such a rapid increase in the number of postgraduate candidates, the chances of landing a job will still decline even if universities expand their enrollment.On the other hand, the written test has a wide range of topics and is extremely difficult. At the same time, in addition to the preliminary test and the second test, students are required to have excellent academic performance, but also need to have good expression ability.In addition, even if students are admitted to graduate school, they will still meet many problems in the process of graduate school, which makes many graduate students very troubled.However, there is good news for graduate students. The program is expected to start in 2022, and some schools have already notified them.Some universities have taken the lead in notifying that it is difficult for contemporary graduate students to pass exams and study and graduate.How many graduate students in order to successfully graduate, can be said to be painstakingly.Moreover, many graduate students said bluntly, “I don’t know how many nights I have been up, my hair is almost falling out.”The new rules are expected to be implemented in 2022, and some universities have already taken the lead in notifying them. Let’s take a look.Graduate school system, it is likely to be unified extension, because many graduate students in the graduation of this matter is particularly difficult, because a little reason can not successfully graduate is also a very pity, outweighed the loss.Graduate students are divided into master’s degree and professional master’s degree. Master’s degree lasts for three years, professional master’s degree lasts for two years, and master’s and doctoral degree lasts for five years.As some students fail to complete all courses within five years for various reasons, they will not be able to obtain their diplomas.With an extra year to study and prepare for graduation, the chances of successful graduation are greatly improved.The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has taken the lead in informing that students who can finish their studies in five years can still graduate in five years.In effect, it gives students a better chance to graduate.Such an opportunity is exciting and joyful for students. After all, the chance of graduate students failing to graduate will be greatly reduced, and more talents will enter the society in the future.One’s deceased father grind will become the inevitable trend of the future students, so the earlier preparation, “shore” risk is higher along with the social progress and development unceasingly, enterprise and society will need more high quality talents, so education is the students on the “key” of the gate drive unit of choose and employ persons, have a higher degree, in order to have the chance to display their talent,Otherwise, no matter how competent you are, you won’t get a chance to show it.In the future, postgraduate entrance examination will be as popular as going to college and become an inevitable trend for students after graduation.The earlier students start studying and preparing for exams, the more solid their knowledge will be, which means the higher their chances of landing.The author believes that students can begin to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination in the second or third year, which can be combined with daily learning, knowledge can also learn more practical, freshman students are also more playful, there is no goal for the future, it is easy to give up halfway too early, the gain outweighs the loss.The successful “landing” of graduate students is not an effort to end, but a hope, but also the beginning. Many students think that the successful “landing” of graduate students is a very good result, but the author would like to say that it also means that students in the future start a different study and research.Not the end of hard work, but the beginning of hope and the future.During graduate school, students will be older and more mature, so that they will learn more solid knowledge and culture, and have a clearer vision of their future goals and plans, which is why students tend to be more stable after graduation.More importantly, students at this age have learned to be thoughtful and have their own goals and dreams.In fact, graduate school is not easy, students need to pay a lot of time and energy.The author’s message: I believe that good news for graduate students is good news for the public. In the future, there will be more talented people with knowledge and culture to promote the development and progress of society, and more students will participate in the competition of the party for postgraduate entrance examination. I hope that students can persevere and persist in their dreams and forge ahead.I also hope that every graduate student who has come ashore can work hard to learn knowledge and culture, so as to lay a good foundation for their future.Finally, I wish every graduate student a bright future. While fulfilling their dreams, they will contribute their own strength to the construction of the motherland.Having said that, what do you think of the current college graduates’ postgraduate entrance examination?Welcome to comment and share your opinion. Let’s discuss it together.If you want to know more exciting content, come to zixin teacher (all pictures are from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)