Ten grand for each of the four nephews?Parents say they keep the money for their children and who it belongs to

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Although the New Year is now more and more light, there is no childhood lion dance, firecrackers and other fun, but the New Year’s ceremony is still indispensable.Wearing new clothes, wearing new hats, having New Year’s Eve dinner, staying up late and receiving New Year’s money are still the most anticipated things for children.And the richest people in the New Year are children.On New Year’s Eve there are elders send New Year’s money, in the first month go close string family New Year there are red envelopes, as little as one hundred and ten dollars, more than thousands of thousands, tens of thousands of days is not a dream.On the first day of the first lunar month, the news that Zhou Kou haoheng’s aunt gave her four nephews a total of ten thousand hit the hot search.The parents said that my aunt felt that my nephew was more lovely, so she sent high red envelopes.They also said they would keep the money for their children.Can only say that this aunt is really bold, do not know the lack of uncle?And children’s parents for their children to keep the New Year’s money, nine out of ten have to go back.I think of their New Year’s Money every time, changed hands were collected by their parents, said to save up for later use.Really the same parents!Year after year flowers are similar, year after year people are different.How do your parents deal with lucky money?What kind of parent are you?”The red envelopes you receive are sent by me. They are gifts exchanged between relatives. The red envelopes you receive are mine.When I was a child, although the red envelope amount is small, ten yuan is a big red envelope, but the red envelope received by the parents so basically fair and square.My parents turned around and gave my red envelope to other Cousins.Such parents often feel that their children have no ability to manage money and do not trust their children, thus depriving them of the opportunity to learn about money and develop financial intelligence.Children have no concept of money and do not know how to manage it.”All the red envelopes I receive during the Spring Festival are in my own hands. My parents never care about me because they always trust me.”Junior high school students Yan Fen, is such a lucky child, but also the people we envy the most.Her parents have been working outside, to her every request, Chinese New Year red envelopes are to let Yan Fen own custody.Such parents usually give their children the freedom to decide on their own how to use the lucky money, and the children will learn to manage money through free use, knowing that money is limited.But the disadvantage is that if the amount of New Year’s money is huge, it will form the habit of spending lavishly, do not know how to save.”Kids, there’s no free lunch. You get what you put in.We will keep your lucky money for you and give it to you as a reward in exchange for your hard work.”Such parents usually have wisdom, hope that children have the ability to earn their own living, through labor to obtain the fruits of victory, encourage children to develop the habit of working.But the disadvantage is that parents are too domineering, deprived of children’s ability to decide the lucky money.After all, lucky money is the blessing children receive, and children have the most say. Parents can participate in it but can’t decide.”Kids, it’s not easy for parents to make money, so don’t spend it!Count how much lucky money you have?Just enough to pay for the next school year.”These parents tend to be frugal and feel that money is best spent, which is very encouraging.But what we parents should pay attention to is that we should not take frugality as a means of kidnapping children, not to give children a little money.Children will be too thrifty in their parents, do not understand life, shortchange themselves.Thrift is our traditional virtue and the accepted starting point of jewish wealth, but too much of a good thing.Instead of teaching children to save in every possible way, it is better to teach children the correct understanding of money.”My parents earned money by working. We were not rich, but we did not lack for money.We should spend money in a planned way.For example, the New Year’s Money, you are the owner of the New Year’s money, but we can take the money to pay tuition fees, buy your favorite books, stationery…”Financial planning parents” baby, so much money, parents take you to set up a New Year’s money account, teach you how to high-quality custody of New Year’s money!Such parents usually have the wisdom to know that proper management of money is the greatest wealth for their children.They not only teach their children about money and how to save it, but also teach them how to spend it so that they can make more money.New Year’s Money is a great opportunity for parents to cultivate their children’s financial intelligence by teaching them the source and use of money and encouraging them to form good consumption habits, thus forming good financial intelligence.In the picture book “Three Cups”, parents give their children savings cups, consumption cups and love cups for their fifth birthday.At the same time, they told their children to put 30 percent of their pocket money in “consumption cups”, 20 percent in “savings cups” and 10 percent in “love cups”.The parents then take the child to the bank to open a child-specific account, telling the child that savings can earn interest.The money in the cup can be used to buy things you need, or you can save enough money to buy expensive toys you like.The money in the cup of love, can start from the small things around, to help the people in need.We can also educate children about financial intelligence from saving, consumption and love for the money they receive during the Spring Festival.1, attach importance to savings stock god Buffett once said in an interview: develop good habits and savings is more important than IQ.We can learn from the parents in “Three Cups”, take the child to the bank and open a bank card in the child’s name to teach the child how to save money.Teach your children the importance of many a little makes a mickle and compound interest.We can tell our children that there is no money to be managed without principal, and that only when we have principal in hand and know the basics of saving can we have the opportunity to make money.2, reasonable consumption only we allow children to freely spend New Year’s money, children will understand the meaning of money in use, know that money is limited, they will grow up not worship money, not lack, reasonable use of money.To help children establish a good concept of consumption, it is necessary to teach children to understand the difference between “needs” and “wants”, rational consumption rather than extravagance.”Need” is our life necessities, without them absolutely no, such as vegetables, meat dishes, sauce, rice, oil and salt, learning utensils, books, etc..”Wants” are things we like, but we can do without them, like candy, toy guns, dolls, etc.When we take our children to the supermarket, we can take them to make a shopping list of necessities and wants, and tell them that they can buy one toy at a time, so that they can learn to choose and choose.Yang Zhanyu wrote in his book “Time record” : “Family affection may be the purest feeling in the world. In addition to love and care, there should also be gratitude.”It is a happy thing for children to receive New Year’s money during the Spring Festival, but we should teach children how to be grateful, not only for those family members and relatives who give blessings, but also for many strangers whom they have never met.It is because everyone helps each other that we have harmony and stability.We can encourage children to put part of the money in the cup of love and donate it to those in need.You can also take your children to donate their unused toys and picture books to children in need, so that children can learn to be grateful.Love and gratitude are the most precious gifts we give to children.Although children do not have the ability to manage money, but Rome is not built in a day, children’s financial intelligence is not achieved overnight.Since New Year’s money is our blessing to children, let children be the master of money, take children to know money, learn to consume and save.Play “Three piggy banks” with your children to help them learn how to save, spend and be grateful.What type of parent are you?Welcome to leave a message.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to xiaoyan parenting heart classics