Take an examination of grind difficulty also points “36, 69, etc.”, want to succeed on shore, “three without” students are not dominant

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With the gradual expansion of the construction scale of colleges and universities, more and more college students enter the job market every year.However, undergraduates, as the largest group of graduates in addition to junior college students, have encountered no small trouble in employment.In the degree of professional counterpart, undergraduate students than the skills of specialized students, and in the academic competition, in addition to serious undergraduate volume, but also often than the graduate students of a higher degree.Therefore, for their own development, it has become a mainstream choice for undergraduates to take the postgraduate entrance examination.Even if many students do not have a precise goal, they will choose to take postgraduate entrance examination as a trial and challenge upon graduation.However, the entrance exam is not easy. As a large national exam, its fairness is beyond doubt, and it is the highest standard that can be achieved at present.However, in the exam, students’ personal situation will affect the results, and some students’ “status” is not dominant.The landing rate of postgraduate examination varies from person to person. In order to succeed in graduate school, the “three noes” students are not dominant and the “three noes” families without money, background and background are different. When it comes to the postgraduate examination, the “three Noes” refer to the undergraduates who do not have enough professional strength, geographical advantage and educational status advantage.Because of these three kinds of “shortcomings”, they will be negatively affected in every part of the postgraduate entrance examination, from the score of written examination, the score of interview to the possibility of adjustment, etc., and it is difficult for them to get high marks in the exam.Therefore, it is important for undergraduate students to understand their situation and make the right choice if they want to go on to graduate school successfully.Below the circumstance that has distinction in itself between undergraduate course especially, attend take an examination of grind everybody also is to have distinction.Under different combination of conditions, the difficulty of postgraduate entrance examination will be different.Take an examination of grind difficulty also points “39, 69, etc.”, the student should be clear to take an examination of grind, in fact, a bit like the college entrance examination volunteer registration again.Among them, the choice of school, region and major is an important factor affecting the difficulty of postgraduate entrance examination.There are four kinds of choices, and the result of the choice will determine the fate of candidates.Take an examination of one’s deceased father grind the most difficult choice: school, area, major crosses in take an examination of one’s deceased father grind in taking an examination of, the school that chooses different is normal, a lot of people want to rely on take an examination of one’s deceased father grind go higher school, promote record of formal schooling to contain gold quantity.However, in general, there will be certain advantages in the examination of our school, in addition to the professional examination routines more clearly, looking for tutors will be more convenient.Take an examination of other schools, take an examination of the uncertainty of grind much much.In addition, the postgraduate entrance examination to change the region and the school is the same, but also because many students want to go to other places to see, want to go to the economy, education more developed areas.However, this will bring more familiar and unfamiliar, as well as the network can be used.And on the choice of major, take an examination of grind cross major is absolute adventure behavior.After all, not all majors accept candidates from different majors, and most of them require a bachelor’s degree in their own major.In the meantime, cross major is equal to want to learn professional course again, requirement to student individual actual strength is very high.In the case of the change of schools and regions, the difficulty and the above kind of choice are the same.However, if there is no cross-major, more time can be saved in the review process, and students can allocate it reasonably by themselves.It is the most common choice for graduate school entrance examination, and most students choose it.Take an examination of grind common choice: major, area changeless, cross-school maintains major and area changeless, mean to go up in the difficulty that reviews was not so big, and can be in review process a few more handy.So in this case, students just need to choose the right college.As with the second option, it is an option that many students choose.Take an examination of grind simple choice: school, area, major is invariable because it is to take an examination of this major of this school, so it is relatively simple on difficulty, examinee people will be more dominant in state of mind and relevant review.However, although the choice does not change much, but from the side also showed a variety of possibilities.Or examinee is do not want to challenge, want to take an examination of a graduate student.On the other hand, they may have studied in a good school in a developed city, so they don’t have to change much in their choice.In general, the above four selection modes have their own advantages. Only when candidates choose according to their own situation can they give full play to their own strength, which is different from the undergraduate period and obtain some advantages.However, the “three no students” can hardly gain any advantage even if they choose the easiest choice among the four categories, not to mention the difficulty of learning across majors, regions and schools.Therefore, such students should think twice before taking the postgraduate entrance exam, or they may be wasting their time.The author sends language: “three have no” the student signs up to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind, get serious choice because take an examination of one’s deceased father grind is selective sex exam, so if professional class pulls cent serious, the national line after written examination cannot lead, that also does not speak of other choice, interview is to attend without possibility more.Secondly, although education is developing widely nowadays, the situation of unfairness in education between regions still exists.If the examinee comes from the remote area, when taking the examination of other developed area colleges, will feel their own conditions are difficult to meet the situation.Finally, even if you pass the written test, in some schools, you may lose your score in the interview because of a low first degree.After all, for the sake of the quality of students, unless their ability is very outstanding, they will choose those with high academic qualifications.: What kind of students do you think the postgraduate entrance exam is more meaningful for?