Messi is the star Paris has never seen.Barcelona and a statement looking forward to messi’s return

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The star-studded French giants have been in the spotlight since they were knocked out of this season’s Champions League by Real Madrid.It was only after the European media reported that they could fall apart at the end of the season, and that messi and Neymar, the three stars of the team, were booed by their own fans at home, that there began to be speculation that Messi might return to Barca.Cesc Fabregas, messi’s former Barcelona team-mate and close friend, told the media that messi should not be treated like this by the Fans in Paris.”Messi’s situation is very simple,” he said. “From my personal point of view, he is the best player I have ever seen. Everything I have seen from him is unique.”Fabregas added: “I have been booed at camp Nou and I know what happened at PARC des Princes. The fans just wanted to create a tense moment for the players.”During the game, when they are supporting you with everything they have, they will keep chanting your name and that will be perfect.But the other day I saw neymar being jeered by his own fans when he lost the ball and being booed by the fans when they touched the ball. It was ugly.””The fans think they get paid a lot of money as players and then they lose against Real Madrid.But on the other hand, didn’t the players want to win that game?That’s what matters.PSG haven’t won anything yet, but on current trends they are certain to win at least the league.The focus of the discussion was on a new arrival, the likes of whom the Paris fans had never had in their lives.They’d better learn to be grateful and support him instead of bashing him.This year or next, these people are sure to give you the moments of your dreams.”Similarly, In an interview with la Vanguardia, Barcelona youngster Pedrie openly told reporters that he hoped Messi would return to FC Barcelona.”I had an incredible time with Messi on and off the pitch,” Pedrie said.For me, he is a great man, so I hope he can come back.I like playing with him very much and it is very happy to have Messi as my teammate.Now that he’s not on the team, I just watch him whenever I can, because you learn so much from the best players in the world that you can have a lifetime of experience with.I consider him my friend, and when things don’t go well for him, obviously it hurts me as well.”For more exciting content, pay attention to football express