Hotan City court: Qingming festival memorial loyalty and soul review oath to keep the original heart

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Qingming festival is another year, remembering the martyrs send condolences.On April 2, the Party Committee of the People’s Court of Hotan city, Xinjiang province organized police officers to hold a party Day activity in the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Hotan city to pay respects to and remember the revolutionary martyrs, review the oath of joining the Party and remember the mission of the original heart.Police officers line up to lay flower baskets (Photo by Li Rong)In the grave and solemn atmosphere of the Martyrs’ Mausoleum park, the policemen lined up and stood in front of the monument inscribed with the words “Eternal immortality of revolutionary martyrs”.Two bailiff hand carrying basket of flowers, led everyone slowly to the revolutionary martyrs monument, to the martyrs of the flower basket, bouquet, bow, silence, expressed deep grief and high respect.During the ceremony, all police officers also face the party flag and martyrs monument, holding high their right fist, reviewing the pledge of party membership.”I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China…To fight for the cause of communism all my life…”Clank the oath echoed in the cemetery.Police officers face the party flag and martyr monument review party oath (Li Rong photograph) subsequently, police officers with reverence of the mood, visited the martyrs of the exhibition.Every name is a monument.Every police officer on the scene was deeply moved and inspired by the heroism and selfless dedication of the heroes and the fighting spirit of heroic dedication for the Party and the people.All of them said that they would take revolutionary martyrs as an example, inherit the fine revolutionary tradition, base themselves on judicial duties, practice the concept of justice for the people, and make greater contributions to the work of the people’s courts in the new era.The policemen visit and learn the heroic deeds of the heroes (Li Rong photo).Carry out the scene in memory of the dead at the same time, the hotan city people’s court has also taken read stories, watch of the serious, depending on the card to the film hero, hero and login online browsing the heroic deeds of the memorial platform, a variety of ways such as heroes pay tribute to a bunch of flowers, the revolutionary martyrs policemen organizational learning, strengthen patriotism education of party member policemen and YingMo education,Encourage all policemen to further enhance their sense of responsibility and mission for the judicial cause.A memorial ceremony is both a remembrance and an inheritance.We organize the memorial activities for the martyrs on the Tomb-sweeping Day, hoping to educate and guide people to carry forward traditional Chinese culture, inherit the revolutionary martyrs’ will, firm ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the trial, and effectively safeguard judicial justice.”Hotan City People’s Court party members, director of the political department Liao Qiang said.