Enterprises in Shaodong Economic zone are busy with production and orders for a “good start” of the Spring Festival

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Lantern Festival is not to, everywhere is also permeated with festival festival, shaodong economic zone enterprise workshop, everywhere presents a busy scene, the enterprises have actively resume work and production after the year, grasp production, grab progress, catch orders, strive to achieve the New Year “off to a good start”!Early in the morning of February 11th, walking into Hunan Chensheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., which is located in Shaodong Economic zone, you can see that the production equipment in the production workshop has been running at full capacity, and all the operating workers have been put into their posts. The scene of machine rumbling, a busy scene of production.Already manufactured crane parts will be sent to ZOOMLION on the same day, stamped with the “ZOOMLION” LOGO.Qing Anyi, General Manager of Chensheng Machinery: “Our company’s current order volume has been scheduled for June this year. In order to ensure the delivery of customers’ orders, we have been in full operation since February 7th.In order to avoid the risk of returning to work and ensure the smooth return of employees, our company has arranged special buses to pick them up.”As a member of zoomlion’s supporting production enterprise, Chensheng Machinery’s sales revenue has been rising year by year since it was put into operation. The incremental capacity expansion project of 120 million yuan is expected to be put into full operation in June this year, with an annual output value of 400 million yuan and annual tax payment of 16 million yuan. At that time, the company will take deep roots and develop rapidly in the equipment manufacturing industry.Shaodong will also practice the provincial Party committee’s “three high and four new” strategy, to create “three Shaodong” into new power.Sunshine luggage Co., LTD.The Year of the Tiger has just arrived, sunshine Luggage Co., Ltd. has early sounded the resumption of work and production “assembly call” to welcome the first season of the Chinese New Year “off to a good start”.Walking into the production workshop of sunshine bags, the workshop is in full swing. Busy figures can be seen everywhere on the production line. Workers are skillfully operating the sewing equipment, working in their respective positions and rushing to make orders.In order to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter of 2022, Sunshine bags plans and advocates employees to celebrate the Chinese New Year in advance, and deploy enterprises to resume work and production in advance. As of February 11, the enterprise has 300 people to the post, and the rate of resumption of work and production has reached more than 60%.At the gate of the enterprise, a huge recruitment poster stands out, and in the register of the gatehouse, many people enter and exit the “reason” column is also written “interview”.Cheng Weihua, deputy general manager of Sunshine Bags: “We have increased 6 production lines this year, the order volume is also scheduled to this July, there is a recruitment demand of 300 people, so far more than 60 employees have gone through the entry procedures.”03 hunan bright China science and technology co., LTD. To better promote return to work and production work, hunan bright China science and technology co., LTD. Precision deployment of various security measures, xiaosha epidemic prevention in strict accordance with the requirements of the premises, inspection on the factory personnel, nonlocal return shao personnel in addition to follow Shao Dong city rules and epidemic prevention requirements, the company still seriously, really will give top priority to employee health.At the same time, the company will purchase and reserve key epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfectants, and timely distribute them as needed to ensure effective epidemic prevention and control.Entering the production workshop of Liangguo Science and Technology, workers wear masks and keep spacing, and are busy on the production line.He Yuan, a person in charge of the company: “Now we are rushing an order to send to east China, and the output is about 150,000 pieces per day.Our full pressure film production line will also be fully started in June this year. Currently, equipment debugging is under way. Meanwhile, our recruitment is relatively smooth, and new employees have already started training.”The company resumed work on the eighth day of the first lunar month, and the current production rate is around 90%.”As orders continue to flow after the holiday, we are racing at full speed to catch up on orders and make sure the first quarter is off to a good start,” He said.(Contributed by Shen Qiaofeng and Zhang Xuanyi)