Dumplings send a line, warm heart

2022-07-31 0 By

At 11 o ‘clock on the night of January 24, in the cold wind, wang Lanlan cooked dumplings with her staff at the national Road 107 epidemic health service point in Minggang Town, North Gate of Xinyang City, and prepared dinner for the frontline personnel.In order to prepare food materials, Wang lanlan and several employees spent a day mixing stuffing, mixing flour, rolling out skin and wrapping nearly 1,000 dumplings. They also cooked fried chicken wings and chicken rice flowers for frontline personnel on the scene, and delivered the hot and delicious food to frontline personnel.Today’s dumplings are filled with pork and mushroom.Thinking of the frontline duty officers, they are on the frontline, giving up their small homes to protect everyone, it is very hard, the recent snow and it is very cold, it is not easy to work outside night shift, so they can eat a hot meal at night.Thank them for guarding the door of their hometown and bringing security to everyone.Minggang town 107 national Road and zhumadian junction, huainei High-speed Minggang North station entrance and exit every day passing vehicles.According to the arrangement of the EPIDEMIC prevention and control Headquarters, Minggang Town has set up traffic and health service stations at every entrance and exit of the town. Every day, personnel from the government, public security, traffic police, transportation and medical departments take turns on duty 24 hours a day, and nucleic acid testing stations are set up on site to provide convenience for people passing by.Frontline duty staff quietly stick to their posts, carefully check the letter of vehicles, do a good job of passing personnel temperature scanning code work, with practical actions to protect the safety and health of the masses.Thank you very much for the warm-hearted people sent late at night dumplings, we eat in the mouth, warm in the heart, we have the determination and confidence to fight the epidemic prevention and control battle, guarding the North gate of Xinyang.(Reporting by Chen Ning)