An investigation into a workshop in Shanxi Province where men used banned pesticides to produce vegetables for everyone has come to light

2022-07-31 0 By

Mung bean sprouts, is a kind of vegetable loved by the people, there are many workshops producing mung bean sprouts throughout the country, a boss in Shanxi, for profiteer, in the process of producing mung bean sprouts, illegal use of pesticides prohibited by The State Council order, was investigated.On February 13, 2022, the Jiaokou County People’s Procuratorate publicized the details of the case in accordance with the law.Du xx, male, was born in 1968 in Fenyang city, Luliang City, Shanxi Province.Du so-and-so runs a bean sprout workshop in shuangchi Town, Jiaokou County.He bought five “root-free agent” through wechat, intermittent in the production of mung bean sprouts in the process of spraying, and the production of mung bean sprouts, sales to jiaokou County Kang town a wholesale department, back to a long township department, shuangchi town a grain store and so on.After the incident, Luliang city market supervision administration, entrust henan province some detection technology Limited company, respectively to the above three shop sales of mung bean sprouts, supervision sampling inspection, are detected to contain 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid sodium, the inspection conclusion is unqualified.Prosecutors believe that xx alone in the production, sales of mung bean sprouts added, The State Council relevant departments announced the prohibition of the use of low-toxic pesticide 4-chlorophenoxy sodium acetate, the facts of the crime is clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, should be to produce, sales of toxic, harmful food crime to investigate its criminal responsibility.The case in the Jiaokou County people’s Court trial.