Year of the Tiger Spring Festival reunion

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Hoping that the world will enter a new era.The world’s many mounds of corpses, only the motherland is the most peaceful.At the end of 2001, the new coronavirus hit Xi ‘an very suddenly.The government hit the pause button and home quarantine is contributing.Children stay at home for more than a month, xi ‘an COVID-19 zero;In order to win the battle against the epidemic, the government encourages people to go out less.Daughter-in-law school strict requirements, the Spring Festival can not go out of Xi ‘an;Check people at 8:00 every night, address xi ‘an video.Originally want to Spring Festival in Qishan, it seems difficult to achieve the desire;My son picked me up and sent me to Xi ‘an.Lunar New Year’s Eve twenty-nine golden Ox farewell cold scattered, jade tiger welcome Wanmuchun;Retirement clothes and food without sorrow, peace and health is happiness.Thank the government thank the party, the people first in the heart;Born in the motherland is lucky, in the blessing to know the blessing.Half-life teacher table cultivation altar, peach blossoms north and south mountain;To be a dignified person, fuze children and grandchildren heart peace.Life peace to fate, beneficial society is fundamental;Doing good to accumulate blessings is the way, to repay kindness is the shortcut.Choice can set the direction, the struggle will have hope;Opportunity makes the heart want, confidence gives people power.I wish you a happy New Year and a happy New Year.Wish the motherland more powerful, Renaissance is not a dream.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I planned to ski to Nanshan mountain.Ten o ‘clock drive towards the Qinling Mountains, cuihuashan road congestion.Avenue in front of a car, it is estimated to go up late;Heard that there is a shortcut in the village, just to the root before sealing the road.Back to the city at 3:30, Yunnan folk lunch;Five hundred and fifty for seven people, and the food is exquisite.After the meal, the family does not walk, the hotel hall to find the background;Please take a group photo of the whole family, to commemorate the year of the Tiger.Daughter to work in junior three, junior two free day;My wife and I return with the son, the Spring Festival reunion look forward to next year.Go home on the second day of the first month get up early in the morning leftovers, wash and eat at 7:30;Eight drive back to Qishan, all the way silent very safe.Nine fifteen under the high speed, disorderly management rushed at random;Temperature sweep code to ask the way, a moment finally home.Less than ten o ‘clock on the original, sister home to pay New Year’s visit;Qishan saozi noodles for breakfast, lunch table full of vegetables and meat.This afternoon something happened. I looked at my daughter-in-law.She gave a red envelope to her aunt, which is rare in the world.When the child just started working, her salary was higher than mine.Ten years without arguing about money, good for a couple.