The jaguar TCS team is about to return to Mexico City

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After a challenging weekend in Riyadh, one of the team’s next goals is to maximise the speed potential of the JAGUAR I-Type 5. For Jaguar TCS,Mexico City racetrack is also full of glory and glory,The third race will take place at the Rodriguez Brothers track on February 12, 2022 at 16:00 local time. The Jaguar TCS team will return to Mexico City on February 7, 2022.The Jaguar TCS team is heading to Mexico City for the third round of Formula E, the 2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.Two years later, the team will return to Mexico City to “reshape the future” with the race.Mexico City has been a boon for Jaguar TCS, with driver Mitch Evans dominating the 2020 Race after an opening lead.Sam Bird, another driver, has also scored a number of podium finishes and valuable points at the iconic downtown circuit.The jaguar TCS team won the points in the first race of the season in Riyadh, but failed to make a breakthrough in the next race after the safety car’s appearance in qualifying in the second affected the team’s tactical execution.Returning to Mexico City with a thorough study of the new qualifying format and confidence in the speed and efficiency of the Jaguar I-Type 5, the team will be looking to establish a strong lead at the start of the season by launching an all-out assault on podiums and points.This time around, Mexico City will host its sixth Formula E race. The circuit consists of parts of the Rodriguez Brothers circuit in the main city and the iconic Formula E circuit layout, which is varied and challenging.At 2,240 meters above sea level, the track is the highest this season.James Barclay, Jaguar TCS racing director, said: “After two years, Jaguar TCS is back in Mexico City and everyone at the team is looking forward to showcases the fans.As for the challenging Rodriguez Brothers circuit, despite the excellent results we have had there in previous seasons, we are open to the upcoming events.We have seen in the first two rounds how competitive this season is.Although the start did not fully display the true strength of the JAGUAR TCS team, we still saw the speed of the JAGUAR I-Type 5.In the coming races, we will focus on optimizing every aspect of the race so that we can score more valuable points and reach the podium in Mexico City.””The last time in Mexico City, the team and I finally won and held the trophy high, it was an unforgettable moment of glory and I am sure we can repeat it this weekend in the city we know so well,” said Mitch Evans, Jaguar TCS Team 9 driver.After Riyadh, the team has been working hard and we are looking forward to showing our best on the track again.”Sam Bird, Jaguar TCS Team 10 driver, said: “I have been looking forward to returning to Mexico City, which is a record of our past performances and I believe we can repeat them this weekend.The Jaguar I-Type 5 has great speed, and the team worked hard to create a powerful car for Mitch and me.I will drive the Jaguar I-Type 5 and fight hard for every race, for more points and podium opportunities for the team.”Phil Charles, Jaguar TCS Team Technical Manager, Sam Bird, Jaguar TCS Team No. 10″The Mexico City circuit has hosted several entertaining Formula E races. It is a challenging circuit for drivers and engineers, not only giving drivers plenty of opportunities to overtake, but also reducing drag due to the high altitude and the lower air density.This means that the drivers maintain a high speed during the race.At the same time, in terms of the circuit itself, it is part of F1 racing, and specially used for Formula E sections of larger asphalt friction means that the car’s tires may encounter in the game high challenge, therefore, in qualifying, how to maintain the tyres in the most appropriate state is a process requires repeated drills and balanced.We also discovered some subtle features of the circuit and did a lot of simulation, such as how to navigate its challenging fast corners.With full knowledge of track conditions, our drivers and engineers will be working hard for the race.”The Jaguar TCS team is now ready to race in the third round of Formula E on The streets of Mexico City at 16:00 on February 12, 2022.