Pile-driving is human sacrifice. Did it really happen in ancient times? Why did it happen?

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In ancient times, piling is to kill the living to worship heaven, which is a very feudal and very scary thing, because ancient people do not know what is science, resulting in the popularity of feudal superstition.The earliest record of piling is written in the book of Lu Ban. Lu Ban is known as the founder of Chinese architecture and carpenters. Especially those engaged in the construction industry worship Lu Ban as a god.The book about Lu Ban’s inventions was regarded as a divine book. It was because of the record of piling in this book that people in the feudal society believed in it.According to the old men in our village, when Bridges were built in the past, people would be poured into the piers. Otherwise, the Bridges would soon collapse.In addition to the legends told by old people in various villages, there is also one official record that is very recent to our time, that is, when Chen Jitang was in charge of Guangdong province, haizhu Bridge was built in Guangzhou in 1933.Because of the large wind and waves on the river, there were many difficulties in building the bridge, so Chen Jitang invited feng shui master practice, the feng shui master practice, he told Chen Jitang to drive piles to ensure the smooth construction of the bridge.In the old society is really life such as grass, Chen Jitang after listening to the master, really arranged for a pair of virgins and virgins to throw into the bearing bridge pillars inside.In fact, piling is ancient people’s contempt for life and obsession with feudal superstition. We can often see in TV dramas that the living people would be sacrificed to the so-called gods during various sacrificial activities in ancient times.Especially in the Bronze Age, this kind of human sacrifice can be said to be common, because of the lack of physical strength of women, coupled with the loss of the matriarchal period of honor, they were often used by men to sacrifice to the gods.In the Warring States period, the farce of “He Bo’s marriage” took place in the State of Wei. In the final analysis, all this was due to the ignorance of science in feudal society, coupled with the ruler’s desire for power, so the period of sacrifice came into being.Since the founding of new China, these feudal superstitions no longer, without these so-called piling, all kinds of construction is still in full swing, so it is not desirable to say that feudal superstitions.Because I have never done it in the construction site, I do not know whether there is such superstition on the construction site now. I heard that some construction sites still want to take some items such as pigs and sheep when they start work. I do not know whether there is such a thing?Old photos: A North Korean official in a cat car, do Yuesheng’s family photo in Hong Kong