Internet people are “addicted” to Excel during the Spring Festival

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The annual Spring Festival is coming.This year’s Spring Festival is a little different from the past due to the epidemic. As Internet people, we are also changing this ancient festival with our own creativity.This is not, even the office is arranged.Did you go home for Chinese New Year this year?The pass to go home for the Spring Festival, which used to be a ticket, is now a green code, a nucleic acid certificate, a paper epidemic prevention document.According to the Ministry of Commerce, the number of people who will celebrate the Spring Festival in 2022 in 36 large and medium-sized cities across China will increase by more than 48 million compared to previous years.New Year’s day in situ posture thousands of millions, deep combustion found that friends in the Internet industry, even if the New Year, also fully show the “migrant” nature.”The most sophisticated” is to use Word, Excel, PPT to organize a party, some people become “New Year party project management master”, using group voting to select dishes, using Excel to plan the process and pick up route, and finally using PS to make invitations, using Internet tools to arrange a party clearly.”The most decompression” New Year posture is absolutely: give yourself a 7-day revenge decompression trip: the first day to Universal Studios, the second day to do SPA, the third day and the fourth day to the suburbs of Beijing skiing, hot springs, the fifth day to participate in the wine bureau, the sixth day to make up for sleep.People who can’t go home for the Spring Festival inevitably feel empty.Workers who enjoy being alone and are prepared to work overtime schedule themselves into loneliness projects: download movies, buy projectors, fill the fridge with food…The holiday season has begun, and Deep burn has summed up a list of Chinese New Year pose awards, wish you all a good year.Liu Shu is preparing a party for more than a dozen people.She plans to use wechat’s group solitaire tool to solve the difficult question of “what to eat for New Year’s Eve dinner”.In the past two years, she has held several parties with different themes in this efficient way.Last year, after hearing the news of the Spring Festival in the same place, Liu rented a club and organized a get-together with friends who have babies. The theme was “Playing games and watching babies”.The first floor of the club is for children and the second floor is for big friends. Two parents take turns to watch their children every two hours.That night, a group of friends boisterous into the evening.This year, when friends with babies booked a b&B in the suburbs early, Liu organized a family dinner for singles.In addition to group pickup tools, since not everyone had a car, she started using spreadsheets in online documents to tally arrival and departure times, whether people had been drinking, where they lived, and how to arrange trips and pick people up along the way.”Some of my friends wanted to bring cameras and tripods and said they would have a live broadcast that night. Those who didn’t come could have their mics.”Liu Shu sighed, Internet people, even the New Year is also very Internet.The same use of Internet office tools to streamline family gatherings, efficient, and wonderful.Miaomiao has many family members. In order to make everyone feel involved, she often organizes family activities during the holidays.There have been family cooking competitions where everyone cooks a dish;There are also family sports events, including hoop throwing, sandbagging and bowling.For each activity, she would design the process in Word in advance and design the invitation together with her children using PS. During the activity, she would take family Vlog files.Miao Miao told Deep combustion that this year’s Chinese New Year, want to play well before the activities together to do a collection, New Year’s Eve dinner is also prepared according to the way of cooking competition.Miaomiao’s Mid-Autumn Moon invitation (left) and Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner menu (right) Interviewees’ picture Because of professional habits, every activity before the start of miaomiao will again group announcement notice.At the beginning, her family was not used to it and thought it was not necessary to be strict. But later, she was temporarily stood up, and her family gradually accepted her “occupational disease”.The Spring Festival party prepared by Rong Rong is even more exaggerated, requiring each friend to make PPT to share the feeling of the year.At last year’s Spring Festival party, Rong Rong first proposed to give a powerpoint presentation, but he was worried that his friends would resist, or he might accidentally make a work report.Unexpectedly, my friends prepared gifts related to the PPT theme at midnight.One of the designers created a set of memes based on his friends’ live performances.This year, Rong rong and his friends plan to continue the PPT party, using video footage from last year’s event as a background.Why organize a party with Excel, PPT and PS when you’re on vacation?The respondents all agreed that the activities were held in pursuit of efficiency and a sense of ceremony, and they all said that the flavor of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker. In fact, such activities can leave many unforgettable memories for the seven-day holiday.According to Miaomiao observation, the family may feel the activity is very “childish” at the beginning, but once involved, they are very invested in playing, watching the video, they will find that they are laughing, later recalled, are laughing and tears.There are also workaholics, as well as those who are in urgent need of decompression due to excessive work pressure.Many friends in situ New Year’s day trip from the first to the sixth row full, just for revenge decompression.Jiaohua came to Beijing for more than six years, this year is the second year in situ Chinese New Year.She is ready to hold first meow star people lie in the New Year’s eve at home in the home, not getting enough sleep all the ordinary time repair back, then open “decompression” tour: first about friends “swim” surrounding the revenge, the items that are normally want to brush it again – the first go to universal studios, second day SPA, grade 4 to go to Beijing suburbs ski + bubble hot spring, fifth to participate in the bureau of alcohol, people sleep.”My schedule is reasonably arranged, a combination of work and rest, punk health, forming a closed loop.”Jiao hua says the company gave out year-end bonuses just before the holidays. ‘It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me to have a good year with impunity.’After a winter of no exercise and a lot of weight gain, Xiong fei is ready to exercise to relieve the pressure accumulated over the year.Xiongfei, who gets up earlier during the holiday than on weekdays, talks to Shenran about his holiday arrangements while working out at the gym.He mentioned that he had just been taught frisbee, rock climbing and squash by his gym buddy and was going to clock in together.When it comes to Chinese New Year, eating is indispensable.In the opening scene of Ang Lee’s Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, the scene of Zhu’s father preparing a family dinner has long been famous.During the 7-day holiday, people who love eating stars should not only keep fit, but also comfort their taste buds.Two years did not go home, he prepared New Year’s Eve to repeat his hometown fried meatballs, let mom through the video guidance of their own, but also about the old classmate to go home to Beijing do “the whole meal”, looking for the taste of home.Netizens also planted tiger skin dumplings and prepared a “tiger skin series” dinner menu for Xiongfei.Liu Shu, who is experienced in preparing for a party, found that during the Spring Festival, friends get together, it is best to arrange some decompression games.”Werewolf kill and script kill are very suitable. They don’t have many props, but they vary a lot from game to game. They can let people play and release their pressure.”Liu said she is also looking forward to exploring other new games that young people like with her friends during the holidays.”One generation has its own way of playing. Before, everyone played mahjong and poker. This generation probably relies on board games and secret rooms to relieve stress.”Liu shu said he, too, was killed by a werewolf who was a friend’s child planting grass.Three, the New Year posture of the “most lonely” : more understanding of the taste of the New Year, family and their own revenge play people, the surface happy, but in situ New Year’s day people’s heart inevitably empty.”If a family can’t get together, it doesn’t feel like the New Year.” They all have lonely moments.People who can’t go home for the Spring Festival can feel the scenery in a small way.Since the red envelopes sent to the family group were rejected, Chen’s heart sank.She has not been home for family reunion for three Consecutive Spring Festivals. What she is most afraid of is the video with her family on New Year’s Eve, and she has to do a long psychological construction in advance.Her family understood that she couldn’t go home, but for the first two Spring Festivals, when she gave her grandparents a “Happy New Year” video, the old man cried.Mai Began his last day at work when he heard Andy Lau’s congratulations on making a fortune near a subway station.What touched his nerves even more was that a restaurant he used to eat in was closed during the Spring Festival, so there was one less thing to comfort his taste buds.In the third year of the Spring Festival, their mentality has also changed a lot.In the past two years, He spent the Spring Festival in the same place.Before, returning home for Spring Festival was a “burden” for him, as he had to face questions from unfamiliar relatives and break his daily routine.This year, he started to grab tickets early, and finally confirmed that he could not go back, he reflected a lot, “I used to ignore my parents too little time, but now I realize that I have been away for many years, can not go home for the Spring Festival, my parents have already adapted to my absence.Now, they cherish the opportunity to communicate with family and friends face to face, but the Spring Festival in situ is a foregone conclusion, they still actively plan holidays, enjoy the loneliness.In order to add a bit of flavor to the rental house, Chen bought couplets and stickers early in the morning, plastered the door and Windows, and stored a box of snail noodles, self-heated hot pot and several bottles of wine in advance, preparing for the New Year’s Eve while “drinking” and “playing cards” with fa Xiao.The next few days, Chen Chen also arranged: one day to play drama, one day in the cinema, and then spare time to go to shichahai ice skating rink, try not to spend the Spring Festival as an ordinary rest day.Chen bought Spring Festival couplets and stickers for interviewees.Because after the Spring Festival, he has a project to be completed soon, during the Spring Festival, he has to work overtime to catch up with the schedule.To cushion the loneliness of working overtime, Mai Zi ordered a projector in advance to watch the movie.He also plans to have his smart speaker at home play podcasts on a 24-hour loop to give him some company.Chen’s friend, Xiao Ju, opened a post on social media saying “Stay in Beijing for Chinese New Year”. In the comments section, some friends shared recipes for air fryer, while others asked “how to fill the refrigerator to make my parents feel less miserable”.Two days ago, Wheat was pulled into a “New Year in situ” group by a friend.Some people in the group about singing, some people seek to rent a home party, some people about blind date script.Mai Zi sent screenshots of the crowd to his family: “I’m not spending the Spring Festival here alone. Don’t worry.”The Spring Festival has always been the most important traditional festival for the Chinese people. Although they cannot get together with their families, they are still actively planning to spend a New Year full of memories in their own place and let their families worry less through some special ways.The thoughts, wishes and prayers they put into the plan of celebrating the New Year in situ are the essence.Finally, I would like to send my New Year’s greetings to my friends.Liu Shu: will be in situ New Year’s day dig out more “posture”, and so can go home, and then take parents experience these new gameplay.Miao Miao: I hope everyone can go home next year.RON: I’ll always get back with my family and we’ll all be fine.Jiahua: I hope everyone will be rich in the year of the Tiger.Xiongfei: I hope you can go home next year and really relax after a hard year.Chen Chen: Miss for motivation, enjoy the rare holiday.MAC: Believe in the future, the world will be fine.* The picture is from Pexels.At the request of the interviewees, all the interviewees are pseudonyms.This article is licensed by Deep Combustion everyone is product manager, without permission, based on THE CC0 protocol