“I am on the post” home lights spring breeze warm people is home

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The Spring Festival is coming, when the people who are working hard outside the home set foot on the journey, when relatives and friends raise a glass to reunion, many policemen in other places choose to stick to their posts, in the ice city “second hometown” to spend the Spring Festival.On the second day of the New Year, let us approach these police officers who are holding on to their posts with homesick relatives and “celebrating the New Year on the spot”.Yin Hao, a police officer in Rongshi Street Police Station of Nangang Branch, has spent the fourth Spring Festival in his unit since he joined the police in 2018.Yin Hao, who lives in Keshan County, remembers the last Spring Festival, when he had a video call with his wife and parents at midnight.And this year, he is full of their baby’s new life vision, with adherence to the peace of the New Year.Early in the morning, he came to the Qiulin Business district to cooperate with the mall public security staff, security guards on fire safety, fireworks and firecrackers ban joint patrol.”Rong city business circle key places many, the flow of people is also big, this big New Year’s day, for everyone safe, I have to turn around!”After four or five hours of patrol work, Yin hao said, his hands were red with cold and ice beads hung from his mask.But just returned to the office, not a drink of hot water, to deal with the new police situation.In his eyes, the New Year is not only a festival worth celebrating, but also a reunion in his heart.At midnight on New Year’s Eve, he took time out to make a video call to his family, where his baby, less than a year old, was holding out a tiny hand.Although there is no family reunion, but the child’s clear eyes are nourishing the heart of the foreign police, let him summon up courage, firmly protect peace.On the first day of the New Year, Li Shi, deputy director of the Bright police station of Hulan Branch, arrived at the unit early shift, so that colleagues on duty on New Year’s Eve go home early.Li Shi’s hometown in Jiamusi, this is the third Spring Festival he spent on the post.Festive atmosphere with a trace of languid laziness, the area of the industrious businesses have begun business.”Safety precautions should not be relaxed for a moment, and dangerous dangers will not be ‘holidays’.”Li Shi said while picking up the wall of fire extinguishers to check up, told businesses to pay more attention to fire prevention and theft prevention fraud during the festival.The first of the alert is greatly reduced at ordinary times, I have call the police, that is why some disputes, but “things again small is also a big crowd,” with the peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival, at the police station practice of “three inch golden tongue”, under the exhortation of li shi and his colleagues, basic contradiction can be satisfactorily resolved, let both sides shaking hands.At night, is sorting out the work files of Li Shi took a look at the time, with a good single police equipment, and colleagues into the night again, flashing lights, persistent figure for the festival added peace color.District needs me to guard every family has decorated, full of flavor.People family reunion, Shangzhi City bureau Yuanbao police station police Qin Chuan, take the initiative to stick to the post, protect yuanbao town thousands of peace.Qin, who is in his seventh year as a police officer, has not been home for three years because of work demands.Asked how he felt about not being able to go home for the holiday, He said: “YES, I miss my family, but my district needs me to protect it more.””Young man, it’s the Spring Festival, and you still don’t go home?””No, I will accompany the residents of Yuanbao to spend the Year of Peace!”.On the first day of the New Year, Qinchuan drove to the streets early to carry out security patrols, inspection of industrial sites, and condolences to residents in difficulty.Heard that jurisdiction left-behind elderly uncle zhang children during the Spring Festival because the outbreak and work, not convenient home for the festival, qinchuan and government workers together to buy the articles for daily use, package dumplings sent uncle zhang in the past, sat down with his front teeth, know about the body and life situation, he recently uncle zhang said that eating dumplings, not only the body warm, the in the mind also warm.Liu Zhihang’s hometown is suihua, which is very close to Harbin. It only takes two hours to travel there and back. But because of the need of work, he has to give up his home and stick to his post during the Spring Festival.”Every Spring Festival is the busiest time in our school.”On New Year’s Eve, Liu Zhihang picked up 10 police in the morning and ran to 3 communities. Although they were minor matters, they were closely related to the lives of the people in the area. In order to ensure that the people in the area can have a happy and safe Spring Festival, Liu Zhihang carefully dealt with each police situation and patiently mediated each dispute.In the busy answering the police, the New Year bell rang, Liu Zhihang took time to call his family, his parents are also very understanding and support him.Although tired, but see the joy of lights auspicious, Liu Zhihang feeling very substantial, very gratified.”I am the police, with their own ‘small separation’, protect the people’s ‘reunion’, the New Year only wish years well, peace!”Liu Zhihang said.Home is far away, love is very close from bingcheng to Crane City 85 minutes, is the new police station in Daoli Branch Yan Huailiang to his hometown needed time, but this Spring Festival he once again chose to stick to his post.”In 85 minutes, you can inspect a circle of jurisdiction and resolve a dispute…”During the shift, Yan Hualiang sent various tips on fireworks prohibition through wechat group: “Fireworks are not allowed to be set off along the airport road inside the fourth Ring Road this year. Oh, don’t buy or set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival.”On New Year’s Eve, Yan Huailiang and colleagues on duty to carry out targeted inspection, in zhang’s old warehouse and found some fireworks in the car…After dealing with them in accordance with the law, the districts during the Spring Festival have become more peaceful and peaceful.Home is far away, but love is close, Yan said with a smile, “Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, BUT I can protect the family reunion, I think it is very worthwhile to pay, my family is also very support.”I am on my post