Gongcheng Town: report the work and answer the paper, gather strength to open a new bureau

2022-07-30 0 By

January 24, Gong Town held 2021 annual Party organization secretary catch grassroots party building work review.The debriefing council adopts the way of on-site debriefing and written debriefing, including the achievements, existing problems and the next working measures in the aspects of grassroots Party building, clean government construction, ideology and work effectiveness.The meeting comments on the staff one by one, affirming their achievements and pointing out the existing problems, focusing on the direction of the next step.Grassroots Party organizations should improve their political standing and continue to strengthen their theoretical arms, the meeting said.We should improve the quality and efficiency of community-level Party building, make full use of the advantages of village-level organizations, and adhere to the innovative promotion of community-level Party building work.We will deepen our efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, tighten political discipline and rules, and continue to crack down on corruption and conduct among the people.On the meeting, the participants to each reporting the object of the grassroots party building work for democratic evaluation, reporting the end of the meeting after the town commission for discipline inspection organization to carry out a collective clean government talk.(Yu Fan)