The highlight of the Chinese New Year, Macao float show, fireworks show to

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Tiger happy New Year dragon dance yao New Year, Fu Hu sheng wei to welcome the New Year.In the New Year, MGto would like to wish all Macao residents and tourists a happy and prosperous life, and wish macau’s tourism industry a new leap forward and a prosperous recovery.On the morning of the first day of the New Year, the 238-meter-long golden dragon was paraded around major scenic spots in Macao, symbolizing the vitality and prosperity of Macao in the Year of the Tiger.The God of wealth, Fu Lu shou Samsung, golden boy and jade girl, tiger zodiac and “Mai Mai” also pay New Year’s greetings and send gold ingot to visitors, implying prosperity and prosperity of Macao, a wide range of financial resources.The scene atmosphere is jubilant, lively very!Have you enjoyed the programs on the first and second days of the Chinese New Year in Macao?Tell you, tomorrow the third day of the program is more exciting to watch!The 2022 Lunar New Year float show, the highlight of the Chinese New Year, is coming!In strict compliance with the epidemic prevention measures, for everyone to present a dazzling visual feast!The opening ceremony will be held at 8pm tomorrow night. Hong Kong artist Mak Cheung-ching will be invited to officiate together with MC Lee Sin-yee and Au Nau-man from Macau.The 14 magnificent floats and performing groups from Macau set off from the West Bay Lake Plaza in front of the tourist tower and then passed sun Yat-sen Boulevard to the macau Science Museum.Opening performances included Qingyuan Band, Ft. Rapper JRD & J. HO, and closing performances included Emily Chan and Long Shijie.A number of warm-up performances will contribute to the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival.In addition, there will be a 15-minute fireworks display at 9:45 PM off the coast of the tourist tower, which will make the third day of the New Year a lively and joyful occasion for everyone!Admission will start at 5.30pm tomorrow. Seats are limited on a first-come-first-served basis at sai Wan Lake Plaza, Sun Yat-sen Boulevard, Kwun Yam Garden and Macau Science Museum.A few barrier-free viewing areas are also available for those who need them.In addition to watching the floats, there are online prize games to send wonderful gifts and New Year wishes to everyone!From February 3rd to 20th, enter the game through the qr code of the poster. There will be a surprise gift or discount every day, and you can save “gold ingot” to exchange various gifts.On February 3 and 12, you will get an additional 10 “Gold Ingot” gifts, including catering, retail, hotel and other tourism products, the number of gifts is over 60,000, the total value of up to 500,000 yuan, don’t miss it!A series of preventive measures will be taken. People entering the designated area are required to present a valid green “Macau Health Code”, scan the location code, take a temperature check, maintain social distancing, and wear their own masks at all times.Those intending to attend the performance are advised to arrive early and avoid queuing at the entrance at the same time.In terms of venue arrangement, the audience seats will be divided into different areas, and separate venue codes will be set up for the audience to scan using the Macau Health Code mobile app to record their journey. There will also be staff on site to reverse scan codes for those who cannot scan codes.The seating capacity of each auditorium will also be controlled. Each two seats in the auditorium will be separated by one seat to keep a proper distance.At the same time, there are entrances and exits and crowd management in the designated area of the activity. The audience will queue up to enter the auditorium and other areas according to the situation on site. If the number of people gathered in one space reaches the upper limit, the audience should follow the instructions of the personnel on site to leave in an orderly manner.Mgto is closely monitoring the epidemic situation, actively cooperating with the relevant guidelines issued by the health department, and making appropriate arrangements as appropriate.Temporary traffic measures To facilitate the smooth operation of the parade, temporary traffic measures will be implemented during the parade. The road along the parade route will be temporarily closed from 5pm to 11pm on the third day (February 3) and the 12th day (February 12).Some bus stops will be temporarily suspended and routes will be diverted. Please pay attention to the latest information from the transport department.Time: Feb.3, 20:00 — 21:45 Route: Xiwan Lake Plaza (kick-off ceremony and performance) → Sun Yat-sen Boulevard → Fireworks display at Macau Science Museum Time: feb.3, 21:45 place: Macau Tourist Tower Opposite the float show Time: Open all day Place:Free admission to the seawall of macau Science Museum (Feb. 4-11) and Tower Stone Square (Feb. 13-20)