Spring Festival is coming, don’t know what to drink?Don’t miss these 5 inexpensive fine wines, which are mellow and decent

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Guide language: Spring Festival came, do not know to drink what wine?Don’t miss these 5 inexpensive wines, taste mellow and decent red lanterns high, the Atmosphere of the Spring Festival every day strong.During the Spring Festival, every family is full of New Year flavor. From laba, people begin to prepare New Year goods one by one.In all New Year’s goods, the most indispensable is white wine.Because the wine culture has been inherited for thousands of years, it has been completely integrated into the genes of every Chinese people, making every aspect of life inseparable from wine.Nowadays, baijiu has become the carrier of liquor culture. Besides worshipping heaven and ancestors, it is also used to entertain relatives and friends, creating a strong festive atmosphere.Of course, the Spring Festival is the most important festival in a year, in the selection of wine must not be careless, the truth we all understand.But there are so many brands of baijiu these days, with varying prices and quality, that choosing the right one is a test of one’s ability.If you don’t know what to drink, don’t miss these 5 inexpensive wines. They are mellow and authentic. They are decent for guests and gifts.The first section: Lao Bai Fen 10 Fen wine, although not as famous as before, fen wine has a number of loyal friends all over the country.Before people ridicule fen wine packaging grade is low, take out to lose face, in fact, now fen wine has a great change.For example, this old white fen 10 years, the bottle shape is unique, resembles a small altar loaded old wine.The bottle body is also printed with white pattern, simple style, full of charm, the box is black and red color collocation, steady and not lack of festival, The Spring Festival guests and gifts are very decent.Of course, the taste is also very “nice”, the aroma is quietly elegant and mellow, the entrance is soft and delicate, not blunt, drink a few mouthfuls, feel very refreshing.Welcome Guest wine is the legitimate brand of Low-end Moutai wine. Although the wine is of average quality and low grade, it has been popular in the market for a short time, which shows that Moutai has a strong brand power.The author once drank this wine, smell a distinct maotai-aroma, aroma is more elegant and comfortable, wine body is more mellow and harmonious, long aftertaste, after drinking will not go to the head.The overall feeling is still very good, but there is a big gap with apsaras, delicate feeling and lack of old flavor, mainly the proportion of old wine is lack of, of course, low-end wine we can not ask too much.Just because of its name, maotai is also expected to do well in Chinese New Year banquets.The third section: Wuliangye rich world speaking of Wuliangye, we will think of the general five, but the price of some difficult to accept.But Wuliangye also has some affordable baijiu, such as Rich World.Although it is a brand wine, but after wuliangye company’s strict control, the use of wuliangye winery “five grain process”, the wine is clean and transparent, mellow and harmonious fragrance, taste sweet and pure, the taste of the wine is regular.The bottle is very similar to the eighth generation of Wuliangye Pu5, with classic bottle design and independent outer packaging box, which is festive and honorable, so it performs well in the market.Fourth: Gudao Jianghu 1800 is a classic luzhou-aroma wine, and it is a feeling liquor for the older generation of residents in Qionglai.It is a typical multi-grain aroma, five grain ratio brewing, delicate taste mellow taste.Bottle beautiful, unique shape, packaging festive atmosphere, opened the bottle fragrant 4 overflow, mellow fragrant thick, sweet taste ganshuang, in many wedding occasions, birthday parties can see it.A wine that is acceptable to an old drinker is usually not too bad.It is often said that high quality maotai-fragrant wine has complex technology and raw materials requirements for producing areas, so its price is relatively expensive. It is considered that cheap maotai-fragrant wine is alcohol blending wine.In fact, the main reason why maotai-fragrant wine is expensive is that it is hyped by the capital. It is mainly on the brand rather than the cost.In addition to Maotai, there are still a lot of cheap maotai-flavored wine worth a taste.This laozhen wine, for example, comes from the Zhenjiu Winery in Zunyi, Guizhou province.Zunyi and Maotai town are less than 100 kilometers away from each other, and the geographical environment and climate conditions are relatively similar. Maotai Distillery once carried out the experiment of changing places in Zunyi. The predecessor of Zhenjiu is Yidi Maotai experimental wine.Therefore, Zhenjiu is also a high-quality maotai-flavored wine created by the complete Maotai process. Its taste style is similar to Maotai, with pure Maotai-flavored maotai-flavored wine. It is second only to Maotai in popularity in Guizhou.Laozhen liquor is the old brand of Zhen liquor, which can be said to be the veteran level liquor. The packaging style continues to be the style of the last century, which is deep and restrained, stable and atmospheric, and has great commemorative significance.This is the introduction of 5 affordable white spirits. Although the positioning is not too high, they have been tested by the market and have good reputation. If you don’t know what to drink during the Spring Festival, you can choose these wines.Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Tiger!