For the city “home” you please rest assured, “vegetable basket” by their day and night to guard

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In order to ensure quality, stable supply and fair price, “quiet” Shanghai, “vegetable basket” day and night.In the field, a vegetable farmer said, “I have a lot of vegetables here, but I’m afraid there aren’t enough people to deliver them.”On the morning of April 1, Ding Dong Maicai opened its shipping capacity. On the first day of puxi’s lockdown, the platform is expected to deliver 700,000 pieces of goods, and hundreds of workers are living in the fruit and vegetable warehouse.On March 31, metro supermarket was full of goods with stable prices.There are also stores found that before the line to buy food in the elderly, especially for the elderly half an hour in advance to open.This seemingly small move, in the industry to promote the initiative.At the same time, various districts have also provided the “vegetable basket” for citizens through various forms and measures, such as the guarantee notice for daily necessities.”Please rest assured that the city’s main and non-staple food supply is sufficient, smooth supply channels, the relevant departments have made full preparations, took a number of measures to keep the price stable.”Gu Jun, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that online ordering is guided in lock-in areas, and daily supplies are delivered to the gate of the community through collection, distribution and delivery.Under the best protection, there may be imperfections.In case of difficulty in buying or slow delivery of food, members of the public can check the service information of each district or report to the 24-hour service hotline in their respective district.Songjiang is one of the main “vegetable gardens” in Shanghai suburbs, according to the songjiang district agricultural technology promotion center vegetable technology promotion section chief Tang Jihua introduced, these days, songjiang real estate vegetable daily supply of about 150 tons.Base vegetables are growing happily, it is spring, the golden period of vegetable growth, every hour delayed, is wasted and lost.Fengkuai Agriculture Co. of Maogang became worried when Shanghai announced a partial quarantine on The night of March 27.After containment, transport of vegetables requires security supply pass.Announced at night, the next day will be delivered, how in time?Fortunately, the government departments worked overnight to make passes, and 167 passes were successively sent to relevant security units from March 28.After getting the pass, Xu Hui, the person in charge of the company, heaved a sigh of relief: “More than 5,000 packages of packaged vegetables need to be shipped, but the food is not fresh after a long time, and the fengcontrolled community in the city and other customers are still looking forward to our food.Vegetables do not wait for people to grow, and people’s tables do not wait.””We have finished stocking and we expect to ship 700,000 pieces on April 1.Several hundred of our staff will be living here in the near future to ensure supply.”Ding Dong buy vegetables Chen Tower road vegetables and fruits warehouse in charge of Xu Huacheng, in the introduction of their preparation for puxi said.In order to deal with puxi’s subsequent demand for supply, Ding Dong Mai vegetables located in Songjiang Chenta Road warehouse is running overnight, in the busy production line, workers will lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, chicken lettuce, cucumbers and other recent urgent fresh vegetables and fruits for packaging and sorting processing, and then sent to each pre-warehouse.As ding Dong buy vegetables in Shanghai market the largest fruit and vegetable warehouse, Chen tower warehouse has been bearing a difficult task.On March 30, the chenta Vegetable and Fruit warehouse provided 280,000 guaranteed meals to the closed area.In order to ensure production capacity, chentacang’s production line has been running 24 hours a day for nearly a month.For epidemic prevention and safety, and to avoid delays in production due to workers being locked up, the staff of Chenta warehouse have recently been living directly in the warehouse’s non-production area.On March 31, the first-line staff of Meituan Food From Shenzhen arrived in Shanghai on a chartered plane. They will be engaged in the anti-epidemic work as soon as possible in accordance with relevant epidemic prevention policies.There have been hundreds of employees from Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, into the frontline protection work.At the same time, Meituan is also actively organizing social forces to participate in the anti-epidemic work, mobilizing volunteers in line with the epidemic prevention policy to support the frontline, and doing its best to meet the shopping needs of citizens.At present, The inventory of meituan vegetables has doubled, and the delivery vehicles and frequency have been increased. The inventory remains sufficient and stable.However, due to the surge in public demand, the site has been overloaded for a long time.At present, the front-line personnel are doing their best to ensure the performance of the contract. If there are problems such as delivery delay of individual orders, please understand and apply for after-sales service in time. Meituan Will solve the problem as soon as possible.On the afternoon of March 31, Metro Putuo shopping mall also ushered in a lot of customers to step up supplies to fight the epidemic at home.I saw vegetables, pigs and beef and other fresh shelves, goods piled full: a 600g bag of green vegetables seedlings, selling at 11.8 yuan;A 400-gram bag of Hangzhou cabbage seedlings costs 9.6 yuan;A 600g bag of broccoli costs 10.9 yuan;A box of 30 golden grain eggs from Sendile Village, priced at $56.80…Although there were many people in the store, the mall staff were busy replenishing and loading goods to ensure that customers could get what they needed on time.According to Chen Zhiyu, deputy CEO of Metro China, metro has quadrupled the supply of vegetables and quadrupled the daily supply of pork to Shanghai since the outbreak.”In recent days, in order to strengthen the supply of agricultural products, we play the role of direct supply base throughout the country, from Shandong, Henan, Hunan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities around the clock to Shanghai vegetables.At the same time, we use big data to scientifically make replenishment plans and arrange 24-hour shifts to ensure that the shelves of all stores are not empty and sufficient supply.”Lianhua supermarket price stable Lianhua Supermarket Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Dong Gang revealed that in view of Shanghai batch sealing control of the supply demand, Lianhua deployment of supplies for nearly 500,000 copies, including 100,000 copies of Hongkou, Baoshan 44,000 copies, Xuhui 90,000 copies, Qingpu 50,000 copies, Pudong 200,000 copies.According to the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, during the epidemic period, stabilizing prices means stabilizing the public’s confidence and strictly investigating price gouging.As of March 30, the city’s market supervision department dispatched 21,287 price enforcement officers, inspected 39,736 units and issued 31,675 reminders.The inspection found that the operator’s price is not standard and other problems have been urged on the spot rectification, on the operator’s price illegal behavior has been registered 50.A few days ago, rt-Mart opened its stores half an hour earlier in order to make it easier for the elderly to buy food. The stores used to open at 7:30, and opened at 7:30, half an hour earlier.This measure, which reflects the enterprise’s care for the elderly in the special period, has also been praised and welcomed by the elderly group.The heartwarming move quickly gained popularity.To give priority to protecting the demand for the main non-staple food supplies, such as the elderly, all these old people work and rest time, consumption habits and poor resistance, slow, such as the actual situation, March 31, Shanghai commercial and the association of Shanghai association to the city’s business chain business super, stores and other materials of protection for enterprises to promote rt-mart beneficial measures, and proposed:On the basis of ensuring the safety of the elderly, the door opens half an hour to an hour in advance, and the advance of this period of time for the elderly procurement, so that the elderly priority to buy fresh life supplies;Do a good job of on-site shopping guide and settlement of the link of guidance, assistance and other services, to help the elderly to overcome the slow response, leg inconvenience, digital payment is not skilled and other difficulties.