Flag bearer Han Xiaopeng Li Jiajun return!Let’s toast to China ice and snow

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On 4 February, China’s ice and snow festival opening ceremony attracted the attention of the world, zhang yimou’s several work become urban hot topic, and people leave deep memory is 6 on behalf of the Chinese ice meritorious service level characters: carnegie-give haun, han xiaopeng, shen xue, will, Li Jiajun, zhang hong and zhang, holds the world of ice and snow festival flag, swept into the national stadium.Han Xiaopeng and Li Jiajun arrived at the Genting Competition area in the early morning after the grand event of The Aesthetic Experience Workshop of The First Wine In China, the two flag-bearer of the competition, Han Xiaopeng and Li Jiajun, who represented the glory of China ice and snow, returned to the Genting competition area.The chef of The Aesthetic Experience Workshop of Swellfun wine specially prepared delicious Sichuan food and Swellfun wine, inviting two Chinese ice and snow men to talk about their life moments.Han xiaopeng, arrived in shui jing fang Li Jiajun aesthetic experience in the first wine fang han xiaopeng, Li Jiajun in shui jing fang, the aesthetic experience in fang fang wine In chilly for a Chinese ice glasses worship ritual genting, not only has Chinese people gaining momentum of ice and snow sports enthusiasm, and representatives of China’s high-end liquor shui jing fang for friends at home and abroad to provide fantastic wine and food.At the banquet, Han Xiaopeng and Li Jiajun were celebrating the successful holding of the Chinese ice and snow festival, and talking excitedly about the supreme glory of the Chinese ice and snow people.”This is a feast of ice and snow culture, as well as a visual feast!Amazing Chinese elements, ice and snow elements, let this Chinese ice and snow festival for the world to bring many classic pictures worth preserving!”Li Jiajun took over the words of Han Xiaopeng and expressed his wishes for China Ice and snow: “The fact that we two were selected as flag bearers is the highest affirmation of our sports career by China ice and snow Sports, and also represents the persistence and inheritance of generations of Chinese ice and snow people.After retirement, we still insist on carrying forward the beauty of ice and snow sports with our own strength, and continue the dream of ice and snow of Chinese people.I hope that through the efforts of generations of Chinese ice and snow people, China’s ice and snow can realize the leap from ‘nothing to something’ to ‘something to strong’!To encourage more Chinese people to participate in snow and ice sports.”In the sound of clink of a clear cup, Chongli night gradually deep.Two pioneers of China’s ice and snow industry, in the aesthetic Experience Workshop of Swellfun · First Wine, which is haunted by ice and snow atmosphere, kept raising their glasses to every glorious moment worth preserving in the history of China’s ice and snow.Li Jiajun, as the winner of “China’s first gold medal with infinite proximity” (the runner-up of 1000m short track in 1998), said about the “first gold medal war” that will be held today, with infinite feeling: “In 1998, I missed the first gold medal with ice skates. Today, I have more expectations for Dajing and Ziwei to mix 2000 meters.Let’s toast to China and cheer for China ice and snow!China’s short track wins!”Han Xiaopeng and Li Jiajun have inherited Chinese ice and snow refueling for 600 years in The Aesthetics Laboratory of Swellfun · No.1 Wine. Swellfun pays tribute to the spirit of ice and snow with its original craft. Swellfun has officially become the cooperative partner of China Ice and Snow Conference, and has always been committed to spreading the knowledge of ice and snow sports and Chinese wine culture to the world.Swellfun Ice & Snow Products and Jingtai Ice & Snow Products can be used as designated Chinese ice & snow wine and displayed on the banquet table in the Aesthetics Experience Workshop of Swellfun · No.1 Wine.Thanks to the success of Swellfun, the best wishes for Chinese ice and snow are condensed on the creation of wine body taste and the design of bottle packaging.On the one hand, With the wine aesthetics refined by 600 years, Swellfun reflects the speed and elegance of the century-old ice and snow track, paying tribute to the beauty of ice and snow sports.On the other hand, Shuijingfang brewed the unique “No.1 bacteria” unique to the 600-year-old Ancient cellar of Shuijing Street distillery, and the water from minjiang River, which melted ice and snow, to produce a unique taste with rich grain flavor and mellow aging flavor.The two ice and snow co-branded products are promoting the beauty of ice and snow sports through the perfect integration of ice and snow sports elements and sports spirit, helping Chinese people to have more ice and snow life worth preserving.With the official arrival of China’s ice and snow festival, Chinese people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow has reached a new peak.In the future, Shuijing Square will continue to pay tribute to Chinese ice and snow people, pursue the best results with the greatest efforts, study the aesthetics and body art of wine, brew more products that can show the deep integration of 600 years of inheritance and ice and snow spirit, and become the pride of more countries.