“Fast and furious” to see the Winter Olympics, not the road when the “arena”!

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On all side of the 2022 Beijing Olympics is in full swing feel the “fast and furious” side of the ice and snow sports moving fairy friendship between athletes speed on the ice and snow sports field is one of the main factors to win in daily transportation cannot follow the life is not a game to driving speed, don’t harm to life when the stakes speeding, consciously prevent stop speeding!According to the test of relevant departments, when the speed is 40 kilometers per hour, the average driver can see the object within 200 meters in front;At 100 kilometers per hour, you can only see objects within 160 meters;Speeding, the driver’s field of vision will become narrow, eyesight weakened, if there is an emergency in front of it is difficult to timely disposal.Overspeed to prolong the braking distance the faster the speed, the greater the braking distance, according to the test, under the same conditions, the speed of 40 kilometers and 60 kilometers respectively, the same object 25 meters in emergency braking measures, braking safety period of the former 21.6 meters, the latter 39.1 meters.And overspeed driving, braking non – safety period extension, it is easy to cause accidents.Overspeed affects the operation stability of overspeed vehicle operation stability is poor, especially in the curve, it is easy to make the car side slip or tilt, according to relevant calculations, under the same conditions, the speed of 1 accompany, the centrifugal force will increase 3 accompany, visible, the speed of too fast tipping is certain.Excessive speed is easy to cause tire blowout. Excessive speed for a long time causes tire temperature to rise rapidly, making rubber rapidly aging, and finally causing tire blowout.If a car traveling at more than 160km/h has a flat tire, the fatality rate is 100%, regardless of whether you are wearing a seat belt or not.Overspeed increases the severity of the accident in the accident, the speed increases by one time, the impact force increases by one time, the faster the speed, the greater the damage caused by the impact force, the traffic accidents caused by more malignant accidents.Vehicles are required to drive at a prescribed speed on the road what about places where there are no speed limit signs?Is there no speed limit?Of course not!According to article 45 of road Traffic Safety Law enforcement Regulations of the People’s Republic of China, a motor vehicle shall not exceed the speed indicated by speed limit signs or line markers when running on the road.On a road without speed limit sign or line marking, a motor vehicle shall not exceed the following maximum speed: 1.For roads without road centerlines, 30 km/h for urban roads and 40 km/h for highways;2. Roads with only one vehicle lane in the same direction, 50 km/h for city roads and 70 km/h for highways.Article 46 of regulations on the Implementation of The Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that a motor vehicle running under any of the following circumstances shall not run at a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, including 15 kilometers per hour for tractors, battery vehicles and wheeled special machinery vehicles:Entering and leaving non-motorized lanes, passing railway crossings, sharp curves, narrow roads and narrow Bridges;2. Turning, turning, and going down a steep slope;3. In case of fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and visibility within 50 meters;4. When driving on snow, ice and muddy roads;5. Traction of a motor vehicle that has broken down.Speed limit signs blue white flag, said the minimum speed limit values red turn white with black logo, according to the highest speed limit value simple memory is “red blue high low speed limit road marking highway pavement can also indicate the vehicle speed limit value, the figures show that the maximum speed, yellow white figures show that the lowest speed, simple memory is” yellow white high low,”Be sure to read and obey the speed limit when driving.No matter you are returning to work or friends gathering, please obey the traffic rules and do not speed!Review: Ruan Jinghong, Wang Ke, Editor: Tian Jiye