Delayed service new curriculum schedule released, “quality courses” attractive, the price of parents difficult to accept?

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At the beginning of the New Year, the happy winter vacation is about to pass, primary and secondary school students usher in the new semester new atmosphere, the New Year to clear up the mood, to meet new challenges, in the study of breakthroughs, committed to become morally, intellectually, physically, the United States and labor comprehensive development of talents.In the past 2021, many changes have taken place in the education arena, and the “double reduction” should be one of the most influential and far-reaching policies.In response to the double reduction policy, primary and secondary schools implement 5+2 after-school delay service, from the previous 16:30 to 18:30 after school, 2 hours after school, some educational activities.The implementation of after-school delay service, not only reduces the anxiety of parents not allowed to make up for the lessons, but also solves the problem of parents picking up their children, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.Delay service has been implemented for a period of time, with both support and opposition. As can be seen from the work planning document of the Ministry of Education in 2022, after-school delay service is still the focus of this year’s work.At the beginning of the New Year, the Ministry of Education has launched a new work plan. In the key points of the work released by the Ministry of Education in 2022, many new directions are mentioned, such as making teachers’ salaries more reasonable and fair;The standardization management of private kindergartens, and kindergarten teachers’ salary increase and other issues.Delay service is also mentioned in the document, which clearly points out that in 2022, the level of after-school service courses will be further improved, the funding mechanism of after-school service will be guaranteed, the channels of after-school service will be expanded, and high-quality after-school service courses will be carried out.From this point of focus, many netizens have captured the keyword “high-quality courses”.In the early stage of after-school delay service, the Ministry of Education stipulated that rich curriculum planning, reading, sports development activities, learning experience sharing and so on should be carried out within 2 hours after class, but the execution ability is obvious. Most after-school delay service is still based on self-study class.Moreover, parents have always maintained that after-school delay service is mainly to help children to write homework. In this way, after learning and writing homework, parents do not need to help children to write homework at home, and children are more relaxed, reflecting the value of double reduction.In the middle and late February of 2010, the schedule of after-school delay service has been announced. Areas with stable epidemic situation have prepared for the new semester, and schools have also made preparations for the new semester. Some schools have released the schedule of after-school delay service for the new semester in advance, as shown in the figure below.Can see from the figure, the new semester class delay service course is very rich, and added a taekwondo, roller skating, basketball, rope skipping, Chinese dance, art fancy, badminton, language arts, such as the new curriculum, the new courses are completely in line with the Ministry of Education issued the work point of the “excellent course”, from various aspects, intelligence and physique art students.These excellent courses are very interesting and attract students’ attention, which makes them very happy.However, some people found that the price of these courses is not cheap, 3D clay, taekwondo, roller skating, basketball and other courses for 950 yuan a month, this price is not low, and the cost of subject make-up institutions outside the same.Badminton course is as high as 1000 yuan, a semester down to 4000 yuan, not ordinary parents difficult to accept.The after-school delayed use of 950-1000 yuan makes parents wonder, although it is also the same price to take classes outside school and it is safer in school, but schools are all large classes, and a teacher has to take 20-30 students, so it is impossible to teach one to one. Can you master the essence of these subjects that need to master skills at the expense of money?First of all, this curriculum is only arranged by individual schools in some regions, perhaps in first-tier cities, where prices are relatively high, so the price is more reasonable. For cities that have not issued specific curriculum, there is no need to take seats and do not need to worry too much.Second, after-school delay service courses are all voluntary. If families cannot afford them, they can choose not to attend them. There are also two normal evening classes, which cost 4 yuan for one class, 80 yuan for 20 days, and more than 300 yuan for a semester, which most families can afford.Finally, from the beginning of the double reduction, the Ministry of Education has a plan to develop quality-oriented education to cultivate children’s all-round development morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and labor. Instead of the previous education concept of only focusing on scores and heroes, high-quality courses are also carried out from the perspective of quality-oriented education, and let the subject education return to school to ensure the balanced development and fairness of education.From all angles, the new curriculum regulation of after-school delay service in 2022 makes perfect sense.In the past, some parents thought that the delayed service was just a formality and advocated cancellation. I believe that after reading the curriculum schedule, this view will disappear and the New Year will bring a new and more prosperous education field.Discussion: Do you think the new after-school delay service content in 2022 is reasonable?(The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.)Want to know more wonderful content, will pay attention to small rhyme education to say quickly