The most concerned car brand ranking, the domestic Volkswagen no suspense, Hafu rose second

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Early in the morning to the BOSS information, and a picture!I wish he’d been so diligent about handing out his year-end bonus.The picture is a hot search chart of 2021 car brands on a song search engine. Generally speaking, the most searched cars in a year are the ones that sell well.Well, I guess I’ll blow it off.Not surprisingly, the most searched song last year was Toyota, which successfully retained its no. 1 spot.Among 154 countries and regions, 47, or 30% of the total, had the highest number of searches for Toyota, such as Russia, Australia and Japan.Toyota corolla, RAV4, Prado and other models are very popular in the world.BMW was the second most searched in 29 countries, mostly in Europe, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Czech Republic and Hungary.BMW was the most searched car brand in 2019, dominating 118 countries and regions, leaving no other brands in the picture.Mercedes is the third most searched brand in the millennium, and has been in third place since 2018.Last year, it was the most searched in 23 countries.Audi lagged behind in terms of searches, ranking fourth in 2021 in 11 countries and regions.Compared to last year’s BBA sales, BMW sold 2.21 million new cars worldwide, Mercedes sold 2.09 million and Audi sold about 1.68 million.This partly reflects the trend of high and low search volume.However, because only the most searched brands in one country are counted, brands such as Volkswagen and Ford, which sell a lot but are not as topical, fall further down the list.And as we all know, a song in our here, only will light talent can go up, like diffuse elder brother this kind of good people can’t go up.So there’s nothing about China in this hot search for car brands.You know, China is the world’s largest auto market. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and other brands have not won a large number of sales from China.So let’s take a look at the top searches of a certain degree, but only in December.Top of the list is the public, the search index is far ahead, faith is the letter.Sing with me: You are the light, you are the electricity, you are the only myth…Harvard came in second.Note that it is haffer brand, not Great Wall, not WEY, not Euler or anything.This may be because haval H6 has been selling well, once again won the annual SUV sales crown;As well as hafu god beast, Hafu cool dog and other new car caused by the hot discussion, so that the attention went up.No. 3 is Toyota, a Japanese brand that is no matter how arrogant it is, and its models are very popular here.The fourth place is Geely, because Geely has not made any major moves recently, and its new cars are not as bold as Great Wall, attention has declined, ranking is also out of the top three.BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Audi and Tesla are in fifth through ninth place respectively, with ideal ranking at 10th.Ideal also sold well last month, surpassing NiO in sales. The second new car X01, equipped with BMW 4-cylinder engine, also attracted attention from the market.In addition, BYD last year made enough headlines and earned enough attention, but only ranked 11th in brand search popularity.In general, there are still relatively few Chinese brands on the search list, which to some extent shows that the brand influence is not strong enough and needs to continue efforts.Idle egg pain diffuse elder brother also tried to enter the car diffuse tribe in the search box, especially meow row in front of the host, Meng Meng.My man is so unlined?| invasion delete image network