The 80th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong Postal Service was held in Linyi city

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A conference to commemorate the 80th anniversary of shandong War Post was held in Linyi, Shandong Province, February 14, 2008.Li Pizheng, Deputy Party Secretary of China Post Group Co., LTD., made a video speech, Han Guangyue, Party Secretary and General manager of Provincial Postal Branch, Li Xiaoliang, Party Secretary and President of Provincial Postal Savings Bank, And Ren Gang, Party Secretary of Provincial Postal Savings Bank attended the speech.Li Pizheng pointed out that the wartime post was founded in the most difficult period of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, carrying the original aspiration and mission of China Post, reflecting the political character and revolutionary temperament of postmen, and was the precious red resource of China post.We should hold a clear political position, continuously inherit the “red blood” of wartime postal service, inherit the “red gene” of wartime postal service, and always listen to and follow the party.We should keep in mind our original mission, actively practice the service tenet of “People’s Postal service for the people”, and constantly improve the people’s sense of gain and happiness.It is necessary to promote the inheritance, promotion and practice of the spirit of Shandong Postal Service, build a good cultural base with high quality, give full play to the role of corporate culture, and strive to build Shandong Postal Service into a “standing, well-known and open” cultural brand.Han Guangyue, on behalf of the Party Committee of Shandong Post Branch and the staff of shandong Post, expressed deep memory and high respect to the martyrs of Shandong War Post.He said that the ancestors of the War and Postal Service forged the immortal spirit of the war and Postal service with their lives and blood, which is our precious spiritual wealth and an inexhaustible driving force guiding us to forge ahead and reach higher levels.We should deeply understand the glorious history and major achievements of Shandong Postal Service, inherit the red gene, carry forward the spirit of Shandong Postal Service, “tell postal stories well” with heart and affection, and start a new journey of high-quality development of Shandong Postal Service with all our efforts.The conference format is live and video.At the meeting, Han Guangyue, Li Xiaoliang, Ren Gang and others unveiled the “Shandong Postal Revolutionary Tradition and Enterprise Culture education Base”. Representatives of shandong Postal ancestors and descendants made speeches, and 4 representatives of young postal employees made speeches.Provincial postal branch party committee team members Lin Lingcai, Li Mingguang, Rong Jianguo, Si Ping, vice mayor Liu Xianjun attended.Bo Jianbo pang Zunli, media reporter of the present newspaper