Shaoshan Holy Land tourism Development Co., Ltd. was selected as the first non-genetic bearing base in Xiangtan City

2022-07-28 0 By

Rednet moment Shaoshan channel news (all media reporter Zhang Yan Shen Siqi) recently, Xiangtan city to establish the first 8 intangible cultural heritage base.Among them, Shaoshan Holy Land tourism development Co., LTD.Shaoshan Holy Land Tourism Development Co., LTD. ‘s main business is intangible cultural heritage research and inheritance, shaoshan intangible cultural Heritage Expo Park is its main project.The expo Park is located in the 3A scenic spot Red Memory City, which is a national key cultural industry project and a place for hunan province to display national and provincial intangible cultural heritage projects.Opened in 2015, the expo park is a cultural tourist attraction integrating intangible cultural heritage exhibition, viewing and interactive experience, popular science education, tourism and leisure, and has become an important window to promote and publicize Hunan culture.The expo park mainly uses the physical display, on-site production, high-tech demonstration, visitors interactive experience and other multidimensional forms to reproduce the past, restore the traditional craft.The museum has hunan embroidery, nvshu, dark tea, chrysanthemum stone carving, Changsha tongguan porcelain and other traditional hunan intangible cultural heritage products for visitors.In addition, there are also local folk arts of Xiangtan, such as MAO cuisine making techniques, MAO calligraphy, Shaoshan Ruyi paper cutting, dragon dance, etc., participating in the exhibition, so that visitors can deeply appreciate the unique charm of Hunan intangible cultural heritage.The expo Park has been awarded the titles of “Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Demonstration Base” and “Hunan Literary and artistic Creation Base”.