Ma Fanshu, Spring Festival Gala host: The tears and pain behind fame are far more sad than you think

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Famous host Ma Fanshu performs at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time on Jan 31, 2022, the eve of The lunar New Year’s Eve.She co-hosts the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala with Ren Luyu, Sa Beining, Li Sisi and Nig Maiti.That night, she became famous for her sweet smile, which netizens described as “easy to cure”.This year’s Spring Festival Gala compared with previous years, the biggest difference may lie in the host.In addition to ren Luyu, Li Sisi, Nig Maiti and Sa Beining, Ma Fanshu’s joining undoubtedly made the appearance level of the host lineup jump to a level.Ma Fanshu is 1.72 meters tall, sweet and tall. She is known as “Lin Zhiling of CCTV” and has a particularly good-looking smile.Little do they know, she was nobody before the age of 18, no heat at all, then she became famous because of an accident.After several years of hard work, Ma Fanshu, now only 28, has become a famous host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Behind her fame is full of rugged ups and downs, there are tears and pain along the way……Ma Fanshu, born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on November 6, 1993, is a real beauty in northeast China.Northeast beauty, always so.For example, xiao Song Jia, Zhang Tian ‘ai, Qin LAN, Li Bing Bing, Ma Su, Qiao Xin and other actresses are from the northeast, in addition to Qin LAN is from Liaoning, the other several beauties are from Heilongjiang.Visible, black land not only abounds in high quality rice, also abounds in high quality big beauty likewise.Find a daughter-in-law to the northeast, absolutely let you have a good harvest, where the beauty not only to less money, but also very humorous generous filial piety, especially suitable for a wife.Ma Fan shu’s parents are ordinary workers, family conditions are general, but in spite of this, her parents still attach great importance to Ma Fan Shu’s learning, as a 90, all kinds of special classes can not be less.So, Ma Fan shu can sing and dance from an early age, especially eloquence, a big mouth that loves to talk is particularly glib, coupled with her sweet smile, loved by relatives and friends.In high school, Ma Fanshu’s grades in the class are not good, but also bad, in the average.It was because of this achievement that she had wild thoughts.Add to that her striking appearance, her tall figure, her black hair falling over her shoulders, and she stands out in a crowd.Ma Fanshu naturally began to pursue her own unique pursuits, so she had been waiting for such an opportunity.In 2011, the opportunity finally came.This year, 18-year-old Ma Fanshu applied for the 2011 Hainan International Tourism Island Image Ambassador Selection contest. She didn’t win the overall title, but she became an unexpected celebrity.It was the first time in her life that she had taken part in such a big beauty contest, but there was something unexpected, even super awkward, about walking down the runway.At that time, she was wearing a red swimsuit, and her face was green and reserved, exuding a youthful atmosphere.It was her first time walking down the runway, but she was confident and bold.As she walked to the center of the runway, something unfortunate happened.The knot on the side of her bathing suit was accidentally touched by her hand, and as she walked it loosened and fell to the ground, as everyone expected.When the button falls off, the bathing suit doesn’t stick to the body all the time.At a time when a young girl of eighteen would have screamed and panicked, she was remarkably calm.Although her heart has been surging, but her expression did not have any change, still filled with calm confident smile, on the leisurely pace, calmly walked through the runway show.Seeing such a beautiful scene, all the male losers at the scene took out their mobile phones and began to take pictures frantically.This incident, Ma Fan shu immediately in the circle of fame, although she only came in fourth place, but her heat is hundreds of times higher than the champion.For this incident, there are many people who doubt that it is a premeditated publicity, purely to attract attention to the show.”I’m not afraid of anyone who likes to watch it,” he said.It was just a sudden accident. I believe everyone will still encourage me and support me.”It can be seen that the toughness of northeast women is different, and they will not relent when they should fight back.This calm and courage, also only the northeast women will be very calm in this occasion to do.Just because of her calm confidence and calm attitude, the 18-year-old girl stood out from many competitors and finally won the fourth place.02 achieved such a good result, and because of the accident and won a lot of eyeballs, in the heat of the situation should be the pursuit of victory.But she unexpectedly chose to go back to school instead of the showbiz route.When she returned to school, she seemed to have learned a lot and began to work hard, studying hard day and night.The year she graduated from the college entrance examination, her efforts finally yielded unexpected results.She was successfully admitted to the Broadcasting and Hosting major of Communication University of China, ranking ninth in China and first in Heilongjiang Province.The students who can take an examination of this university are not simple, at least the top students in the class.And Ma Fan shu but with the ninth national results into the test, it shows that her strength is so strong.The Communication University of China is no ordinary university. It is the cradle of China’s broadcasting and hosting professionals, and many CCTV celebrities graduated from the school.For example, Li Xiuping, Bai Yansong, Jing Yidan, Nig Maiti, Zhang Lei, Zhang Zequn, Lu Jian, Gang Qiang, Li Zimeng, Liang Yan, Ouyang Xiadan, Guo Zhijian, Chai Lu, Hai Xia, Zhu Guangquan, Sister Moon and so on.All are CCTV’s powerful figures, a bigger than a famous.And Marvansu is no exception.I don’t know what happened to her that year, but her explosive power of learning is extremely strong, which is well proved in the world Soccer she hosted in the later stage.At university, Ma Fanshu also showed exceptional strength.She is very active and positive.In her sophomore year, Ma fanshu began to actively participate in various host competitions in order to practice herself as much as possible.Her efforts finally got unexpected harvest. Although she did not win the championship in several competitions, she won the runner-up award for many times.It is with such performance, Ma Fanshu was successfully signed by TX Sports after one year of school, became the first beautiful female anchor of their NBA commentary.Her signing was as much about good looks as luck, but more about her prowess.She is not a vase, but rely on their own strength step by step to achieve their goals.In 2014, Ma Fanshu took a part-time job as an NBA commentator while continuing to participate in various host competitions.She is trying to find a platform more suitable for her, and CCTV is undoubtedly her ultimate goal.That year, she signed up for the fifth National College Student Host Competition.After layers of selection, Ma Fan Shu through the five passes, killing six, and finally killed into the final with absolute advantage.However, in the competition for the championship, she missed the title because of the pronunciation of a word, and ended up as the runner-up.In the speech, she said with a big smile: “I stand on this stage today, I want to praise my own youth, just like I play the game inside praise, super praise, have to praise, no matter how the result, also want to praise for their youth!”This self-confidence and free and easy, completely beyond her age limit, is really let a person praise.It is with such performance, let CCTV notice the beauty of both talent and beauty.At the end of the year, Ma Fanshu walked into the door of CCTV and stood on the stage of CCTV.She entered the sports channel of CCTV and hosted the column of “World Soccer” with famous host Duan Xuan, thus officially stepping into the host industry.This year, she was just a sophomore, only 21 years old.”The world football” column before this has always been a male host in the host, there has never been a female host involved.But Ma Fanshu’s joining has injected fresh blood into this program, and the ratings of this column have been improved a lot.The ratings were boosted by Her looks, not her business skills.Why do you say that?In fact, the truth is simple, Marvanshu does not understand football.She is not only a football fan, but also a smattering of the game’s many technical knowledge.However, most of the viewers of this program are senior football fans in China, who pay attention to the professional commentary ability rather than the host’s appearance.Duan Xuan, for example, looks average, not tall enough, not handsome enough, but he is a professional in the field of football, commentary to the point, loved by the audience.But Ma Fanshu is different. In addition to being sexy and good-looking, her commentary is empty and weak, making fans sound not interested at all.In addition to these, she is also a face blind, some famous domestic players she often called the wrong name, even some can not come up at all, do not know at all.As for some famous foreign stars, she is face blind, whenever she is in explanation, always make mistakes, a face of meng force.Because of this performance, she caused a lot of dissatisfaction among fans during that period.Some emotional fans began to attack Marvanshu, and some even asked her to get out of World Soccer.For a long time, Ma Fanshu was afraid to search his name on the Internet.Because every time a input “Ma Fan Shu” three words, the web page will be followed by a “get out of the world football” too words.”People think you’re not good enough, you’re not fit enough,” Marvanshu said in an interview. “People still say you’re not fit enough, you should leave.”Ma Fan shu unconvinced, also very depressed.Obviously oneself are ceaseless efforts, but why no one sees these.To this end, she began to frantically catch up on football knowledge every day, others work 10 hours, she worked overtime to work 15 hours.You know, not everyone is born great, and not everyone is born with soccer.She always believed that as long as she worked hard to learn, one day she would be strong.It was in accordance with this belief that Marvansulen conquered the fans who opposed her bit by bit with her own efforts.Until later, with the accumulation of her hosting experience, Marvansu’s business ability was stronger and stronger.She can recite the names of famous foreign players, let alone those of China.As for the professional knowledge of football, she is to do enough homework, speak intelligently, even some of the more difficult professional terms are also not difficult to her.In this way, Ma fanshu gradually gained a firm foothold in CCTV’s “World Football” program and won the love of fans.042015, Ma Fanshu’s hosting career ushered in a breakthrough development.In addition to continuing to host “World Soccer,” she also served as the host of CCTV’s Asian Cup soccer evening special program “Master the Asian Cup.”In the same year, Ma also presided over the launch ceremony of the 6th China College Students TV Festival.In 2016, he was the host of the FIFA Online3 S3 professional all-star game.Later, she also served as the host of “Let’s Talk about the Olympics” and “Feast of the Rich and Powerful”.With such performance and extraordinary appearance level, Ma Vanshu is becoming more and more familiar to a wider audience.She hosted a bright style, sometimes playful and lively, sometimes sedate and generous, slowly became the sexy goddess in the hearts of fans.Some fans gave her a nickname “CCTV Lin Zhiling”, it can be seen how fans love her.Can be her scenery unlimited, a rumor once again let her into the controversy of public opinion.The rumor goes that she was co-hosted by zhang Bin, a famous HOST on CCTV, when she hosted The show.Zhang Bin and Zhang Bin is exactly ma Fan Shu in the mind of the idol level figures, she had expressed the praise of the elder Zhang Bin in public occasions, as his idol in his mind.And Zhang Bin had a period of time because of G events by his ex-wife of the boiling profusion.So network sunspots began to guess, Zhang Bin G object is Ma Fan Shu.If you search the Internet for Ma Fanshu and Zhang Bin at the same time, many of the things that come up are ugly slurs.But in fact, Zhang bin’s ex-wife publicly exposed zhang Bin’s G scandal at the 2007 Olympic Press conference, while Ma Fanshu was only 14 years old, or a junior high school student!Besides, two people don’t know each other at all, how could G Ma Fan Shu, is simply unreasonable nonsense!In this regard, Ma Fan shu did not deliberately to respond to this matter, she always believes that the clear from the clear, time is the best explanation.As a matter of fact, CCTV is the most authoritative platform in China, and it can’t tolerate any flaws of its hosts, such as Grandpa Bi.Ma Fanshu naturally believed this, she in addition to work hard, is also a very optimistic girl in private.She is very popular at CCTV and has a boy-like personality. She often plays games to relieve her stress after work.Her favorite hobby is to go shopping and watch movies with her friends and have a good time.She insists she has a “river vibe” and is also very funny.It is precisely relying on this optimistic attitude and desperately three lang struggle spirit, only into the line only seven years ma Fanshu has been selected to the China Media Group host lineup.In the seven years of her hosting career, she spent most of her time in live broadcasting and accumulated rich experience in live broadcasting.It was for this reason that she was chosen as the host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.There are surprises, there are surprises, but her performance on the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala really conquered millions of people.In particular, her sweet smile has cured many people who are lost in their hearts.See her smile, there is a sense of power, will make people feel a lot better.People red is more than right, and people who work hard are always not afraid of gossip, and BELIEVE that the 90 beauty will become better and better.Praise for those who strive upward, praise for those who have the courage to pursue their dreams, praise for those who live up to their youth!Good for you, Marvansu!Follow @niupi ENTERTAINMENT  headline number to read more character stories.For example, the first paparazzo Zhuo Wei’s black gold years in the Mainland, Sakai’s Way, also come today, Tu Honggang’s son Tu Ruibao, his mother died when he was 9 years old, grew up overnight in the stepmother’s eyes, Chen Yalun’s love history, The story of Miss Yang Dan, etc.