Inner Mongolia New Year’s Eve to face strong winds and snow bright sunny weather back

2022-07-28 0 By

Today ushered in the New Year’s Eve, Inner Mongolia most of the wind is larger, gusts will reach about level 7, the wind chill effect is significant.Tomorrow the wind will gradually decrease, snow is scarce, the temperature is the same as today or slightly lower, mainly sunny weather.The public should take precautions when going out.At noon yesterday, the central part of Inner Mongolia, the sky cloud gradually increased, the whole region of 33 stations in 29 counties of 6 meng cities appeared light snow.Monitoring shows that the snow range from 0.1 to 3.5 millimeters.Snow mainly appeared in Bayannur City, Baotou City, Hohhot city, Wulanchabu city, Xilingol League, most of Chifeng city.The wind picked up after the snow.Hohhot has a clear blue sky this morning.Photo: Chen Huiru Today ushered in the New Year’s Eve, Inner Mongolia light snow, accompanied by strong winds.Northeast of Wulanchabu city, south and central Xilin Gol League, most of Chifeng City, southwest tongliao City, northwest Xingan League, north part of Hulun Buir city has light snow, and some areas in the southeast of Chifeng city have medium snow;There are 4 and 5 short-time 6 nw winds in the south-central and east-southeast regions.Temperatures in the eastern central and western southeast will drop by 4 to 6 degrees.Tomorrow, the central part of the east and northeast parts of the region cloudy between sunny, part of the eastern Xilin Gol League, northwest Xingan League, central Hulun Buir scattered light snow, the rest of the region between sunny and cloudy.Weather experts remind today, the wind is strong during the day, the wind chill effect is significant, some sections of the ice, the public travel attention to windbreak cold and traffic safety.(By Hui-ru Chen and Yue Chen)