Dongan County Power Supply Company of State Grid: fight snow and cold weather to do a good job in the Spring Festival power supply

2022-07-28 0 By

In the Spring Festival of 2022, in the face of rain, snow, freezing and other bad weather, State Grid Dongan County Power Supply Company adhered to the principle of “safety, people’s livelihood and key points”, earnestly practiced the enterprise purpose of “People’s electricity industry for the people”, fully participated in and struggled to do a good job in the Spring Festival power supply protection work.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the State Grid Dongan County power supply Company carefully deployed, carefully formulated the Spring Festival power protection plan, set up the Party and government leaders as the leader of the Spring Festival power protection work leading group, held special meetings, scientific deployment of Spring Festival power supply and anti-freezing and thawing and other related work.The construction of power grid was accelerated. The 35-kilovolt Sishui and Zixi substations’ main transformer expansion project was successfully put into operation before the end of last year, and the work of rotating the wheel mill in the heavy overload area and controlling the low voltage was carried out to enhance the power supply guarantee capability.Actively carry out the “once again line, once again cut green” Spring Festival electricity protection special action, complete the 67 10 kv line infrared survey winter patrol coverage, found and eliminate 76 hidden dangers;Completed the channel management of 35 kv and 10 kV lines, especially key lines and ice-covered lines in alpine mountains, eliminated 224 hidden green obstacles and cut down nearly 10,000 plants.Improve emergency plans, prepare emergency supplies, vehicles and spare parts, and ensure immediate response at critical moments.At the same time, we pay attention to customer visits, understand customer demand for electricity, respond to customer demand in a timely manner, publicize the concept of safe and economical use of electricity, carry out safety inspection of customer power consumption, and guide important users to do a good job in equipment operation and rectification of hidden dangers.During the Spring Festival, the main person in charge of the company take the lead on duty, command the front, the leaders of the hanging point, the department sinking line, squatting on the scene, coordination dispatching rush repair, patrol, temperature measurement and other work.The company’s Spring Festival electricity protection special class staff 24 hours “online”, safety production, marketing service staff all stick to their posts, dispatching staff 24 hours to monitor load changes, transmission and distribution of 3 teams, 1 service station, 7 power supply stations, a total of more than 120 people around the clock standby, go all out to treat the Spring Festival power supply campaign.At the same time, 5 emergency repair teams of 35 people will be stationed in 4 power supply stations to ensure that they can arrive at the scene of failure within 15 minutes after the failure occurs.As of February 2, 2022, the company’s total environmental duty staff and emergency response team of more than 200 people, the Spring Festival in 2022 for power lines 10 kv lotus tea line to carry out special tour 3, 8 of infrared measuring temperature, conduct antifreeze for nine alpine region lines melting ice patrol 3 rounds, rapid disposal of local caused power failures due to bad weather and emergency,To ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid and reliable supply of electricity, to ensure that the county people spend a warm and bright Spring Festival.