County leaders visit all deputies attending the NPC session

2022-07-28 0 By

The first session of the 17th People’s Congress of Deqing County will be held soon.This afternoon, Ao Yuxin, Wang Bo, Yang Minglian, Chen Jian, Wang Jianfeng and other county leaders came to each delegation resident, cordially visited the county people’s Congress deputies attending the meeting, extended sincere greetings to them, encouraged everyone to conscientiously fulfill their duties, concentrate their efforts, make concerted efforts to open the conference, and ensure the success of the conference.Each delegation resident atmosphere warm, every place, county party secretary Ao Yuxin pointed out that the congress is in the county in-depth implementation of the spirit of the fifteenth Party congress held a very important meeting, and coinciding with the general election, is a major event in the county people’s political life, happy event.Ao Yuxin stressed that deputies to the National People’s Congress have great responsibility and glorious mission. We should fully understand the significance of opening the congress, stand on the height of speaking politics, speaking the overall situation and speaking the mission, and effectively shoulder the trust and great trust of the people of the county.To fulfill their duties, the exercise of power, with full political passion, positive state of mind, pragmatic style of work, carefully review the government work report “and so on each work report, around the cohesion to build new” innovation high quality life “and so on goal, combining the reality of deqing, the development of strategy, development plan, to the best of the force of the development of the,Bring together the whole county to promote the development of high quality catch up with the majestic force.We need to set an example for the general Assembly, strictly observe the discipline of the election, exercise the power entrusted to us by the people in accordance with law, and successfully complete the tasks of the general election. We need to ensure that the General Assembly is successfully convened in a strong atmosphere of unity, progress, cohesion and integrity.The delegates were encouraged by their ardent hopes and sincere wishes.With a high sense of political responsibility and mission, they all said that they would fulfill the sacred duty entrusted by the people, conscientiously do a good job in the election work, carefully review the report of the congress, actively make suggestions and suggestions, speak out for the people, ensure the successful completion of the tasks of the Congress, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality catch up and development of Deqing.-END- Reporter: Yang Xiaoyan, CAI Jun Editor: Huang Peiwen Review: Zhang Zheping epidemic prevention tips