There are 9 coffees from different origins with different flavors. Which one is your favorite?

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In big cities, a cup of coffee for everyone is a common sight.And a good cup of coffee can not only revive the tired soul, it can also relax the mind.There are many factors that determine the flavor of coffee. Different temperature, extraction time, etc., will present different flavor curves.Coffee beans from different origins also affect the presentation of aroma and taste. I wonder which coffee from the following 9 different origins is your favorite?In Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, the most common way of refining coffee is through the sun.It’s a complex aroma of many varieties.Overall, beans are less acidic and have a more complex aroma than those grown in Central America.The balance of bitterness and acidity is excellent.Because of its low acidity, coffee is easier for people who are new to it.Brazilian coffee is also often used in blended beans.Colombia produces 10% of the world’s premium sweet coffee.It is characterized by sweetness and distinct alcoholicity, but recent varieties have flourished to create a variety of flavors.Colombian coffee is regarded as a premium coffee in the global coffee market.Colombian coffee beans are characterized by large, greenish beans, generally long in length, fine texture and tolerance to heavy roasting.Panama’s top coffee is also often regarded as the top coffee of Panama beans, among which geisha is the most eye-catching.With a light yet sweet acidity, balanced and deep.The fragrance is rich.It is characterized by a medium-bodied palate and distinctive aroma.The distinctive aroma comes from traditional washing and natural drying, resulting in a distinct acidity, fine aroma and moderate body.The main coffee variety produced in the Republic of Costa Rica is arabica.This kind of bean grows in the high altitude mountain area, the acid is strong, the alcohol is distinct.The lower the altitude, the smoother the flavor.Coffee produced on the Pacific side has a distinct body, while coffee produced in the central Region of Tres Rios has a soft acidity and balanced body.Home of soft and sweet “Blue Mountain Coffee” Jamaica is home to the king of coffee, “Blue Mountain Coffee”.Blue Mountain coffee is graded by the size of the beans and the number of blemishes.Under strict control, the beans will be baked to the highest quality.With large grains and a smooth surface, the aroma of coffee is very strong and hazy, so that even when extracted very strongly, the taste is still very soft.Typically, Blue Mountain coffee is low in acidity and suitable for medium roasts.Ethiopia is the home of arabica beans, and coffee is hugely popular around the world.Its aroma has a unique personality, yegafei is one of the highest quality sun coffee.The aroma is reminiscent of peach or apricot peach.And coffee is rich in alcohol, so it enjoys high popularity around the world.In addition, sidamo (Sidamo), Limu (Limu) and other washed coffee is also famous in the world.Kenyan citrus and wine are rich in flavor and acidity. They are hand-picked, washed and graded according to grain size.The nose is reminiscent of intense acidity and aromas of citrus and wine.The acidity is intense and the alcohol is distinct.In Indonesia, where mantenin coffee originated, you can often drink mantenin coffee, the arabica variety produced on the island of Sumatra, on the streets.The ornate mantenin and the soft tonaga are two of Indonesia’s most popular varieties.The mantenin has complex aromas of vanilla, spice and fruit.Tonaga’s character is less intense than mantening’s, smoother and softer.Hawaii’s sweet aroma, with citrus acidity, the popular boutique Kona coffee is grown in the western part of the Main Island of Hawaii.It is characterized by no sense of turbidity and clean taste.Kona coffee, known for its premium quality, is one of the world’s most popular coffees. Its sweet aroma reminds of grass and trees.I don’t know which coffee of the above 9 origins is your favorite?Looking forward to your comments.When it comes to coffee, we often hear the word “boutique coffee”. What is boutique coffee?Specialty Coffee was introduced to the world from the United States since 1980.Although we have not yet given a precise definition of boutique coffee.But when it comes to the differences between coffee and ordinary coffee, including clear information about the production of coffee, unique and thoughtful taste…All in all, boutique coffee can bring you a wonderful, even amazing coffee experience.Today we share “9 coffees from different origins, each with its own flavor, which one is your favorite?”Here.The pictures in this article come from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete, thank you.