The games ahead | technology help Beijing winter paralympic games China realizing a complete coverage of six categories

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The 13th Paralympic Winter Games will be held from March 4 to 13 in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. The games will feature 78 events in 6 sports, including wheelchair curling, Paralympic ice hockey, Paralympic cross-country skiing, Paralympic biathlon, Paralympic alpine skiing and Paralympic snowboarding.China’s winter Paralympic delegation will be officially established tomorrow, and will cover all six sports for the first time, said Yong Zhijun, deputy director of the Sports department of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, at a press conference held at the Beijing 2022 Press Center on February 20.Of the six sports at the 2015 Winter Paralympics, China only competed in two — Paralympic cross-country skiing and wheelchair curling.In 2002, China for the first time sent four athletes to participate in the United States Salt Lake City winter Paralympics.In 2014, the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games in Russia opened, China sent 10 athletes to participate in the Paralympic cross-country skiing and wheelchair curling, two sports, six events, among which, the wheelchair curling team won the fourth place, is China’s best performance in the Winter Paralympics at that time.After winning the bid for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, China hired high-level coaches at home and abroad, trained technical officials for the Winter Paralympic Games, set up a national training team for all events, built a national ice sports training center for the disabled, and cooperated with Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang and other provinces and cities to carry out winter games for the disabled.China has signed strategic cooperation agreements on sports development for the disabled with Finland, Russia and other major countries in ice and snow sports to accelerate the development of winter sports for the disabled.Thanks to our efforts, the number of Paralympic athletes in China has increased from less than 50 to nearly 1,000, and the number of paralympic winter events has been expanded from 2 to 6, thus realizing the full coverage of Paralympic winter events in China.The athletes are currently sprinting for training at four training bases in Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Gansu.On the other hand, the venues and surrounding barrier-free facilities and related services have also been prepared:Eight competition venues and two Winter Olympic villages (Winter Paralympic Villages) are barrier-free, 25 designated hospitals for the Winter Olympics, 60 hotels contracted for the Winter Olympic Games and seven hotels contracted for the Winter Paralympic Games have all been renovated for barrier-free access, and 9,858 points within a 1-kilometer radius of the Olympic venues have been upgraded.Attention to detail is paid to the design. The best position of the stadium stands is reserved for wheelchair users, and the changing rooms, toilets and barrier-free rooms are fully sloped, fully rounded and fully low.On the other hand, technology helps the Winter Olympics.Intelligent means blossom in many places, mobile phones provide barrier-free route navigation, the Winter Olympics digital sign language broadcasting system has been put into use;Badaling High-speed Railway Station cable-pull box barrier-free elevator drop of more than 80 meters, becoming the first in China;The use of lamps, air conditioners and curtains in the Winter Paralympic Village has been independently controlled.Sensing system, voice prompt system to meet the needs of disabled athletes, highlighting the temperature of Beijing.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai