Intelligent customer Service not intelligent customers worry: How to be more “considerate”?

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In recent years, e-commerce, operators, railway, aviation and other industries closely related to the consumer industry have accelerated into the era of intelligent customer service.The reporter found that with the support of artificial intelligence and big data, customer service work becomes more efficient and convenient at the same time, sometimes there are questions to answer, operation cycle and other problems.Some consumers can not help but sigh: intelligent customer service why not intelligent, how can be more “considerate”?Status quo intelligent customer service is not intelligent a few days ago, Ms. Wang bought a large financial products on the APP of a securities company.On March 11, she wanted to check the return of the product, but failed to find the page for details of her purchase of financial products.In a hurry, she went to the company’s AI customer service and said she could not find the page, but the intelligent customer service replied: “I’m sorry, I can’t play with you.”I don’t know where the money went, and the artificial customer service did not know how to find it, so Ms. Wang was anxious to sweat, and finally found a nearby sales department to solve the problem.Around us, many people have encountered such trouble as Ms. Wang.When consumers ask personalized questions, intelligent customer service is often difficult to answer, and some intelligent customer service is difficult to turn to manual connection, queue for a long time, and find the way to “people” is difficult.When Ms. Li from Baoding was buying clothes in a clothing brand store in Shijiazhuang, the store did not have the number Ms. Li wanted, so the clerk asked Ms. Li to add the enterprise wechat of the brand and negotiate to mail the clothes directly to her home.A week later, Ms. Li found that the clothes had not been delivered, so she entered the brand’s enterprise wechat to inquire, “If you have a question, you can leave a message, but the answer is the same, ‘I am helping you to check’, but no one replied where the clothes are.”Ms. Li regretted not following the shop assistant’s advice to mail clothes. “I can still buy clothes directly from now on,” she said.Reporters found that some banks voice intelligent customer service manual service transfer tips were “tail” or hidden.The reporter calls the customer service telephone of a commercial bank, did not hear “artificial service” prompt option.”Report the loss of stolen bank card”, followed the guidance of the voice assistant, and entered the step of the bank card number. When I forgot the bank card number, I did not hear the prompt option of “manual service”.”Voice intelligent customer service is like finishing a game, passing one level after another. Simple and common questions can be answered directly, while complex questions must be answered by human customer service.”Whether it is voice intelligent customer service, wechat intelligent customer service of online enterprises or after-sales service assistant of e-commerce, the original purpose is to solve consumer problems, improve consumer satisfaction and increase product repurchase rate or utilization rate.However, the reporter found in the interview, in the face of personalized service requirements of consumers, these intelligent customer service sometimes answer questions or repeated operations, not only can not solve the actual problem, but also affect the user experience, the customer service should deal with the problem of consumers but is frequently “ridicule” by consumers.”E-commerce, operators, railways, airlines and other industries favor intelligent customer service for their own reasons.””Said Liang Yuemin, a researcher at the School of Grammar at Hebei University of Science and Technology.On the one hand, intelligent customer service effectively reduces the human cost of enterprises and improves service efficiency.On the other hand, intelligent customer service relies on big data to reduce repetitive labor and to reply to the problems commonly concerned by consumers, such as the cost of communication, traffic, clothing size and so on, so that consumers and enterprises can save time and effort.And so it is.The reporter tried to use e-commerce intelligent customer service feedback questions, such as the size of clothes, the size of goods and other common questions, intelligent customer service can be directly one key to answer, easy to use, enterprises can also save labor costs.However, there are a few personalized problems. Intelligent customer service cannot accurately identify consumers’ demands, and it takes a long time to transfer to manual customer service. After consumers exit the page, they need to describe their demands again, which will reduce customer service experience.Consumer dialogue intelligent customer service, how to more convenient, efficient to solve the problem?Liang yuemin said that although intelligent customer service is “intelligent” halo, it is often to compile common questions of consumers, prepare “answers” in advance, and give fixed answers by identifying the “keywords” in consumer discourse.But many smart customer service back-end databases are not big enough, “keywords” are not enough, feedback mechanism is not sensitive enough.Technical personnel should constantly upgrade and expand the “knowledge base” of intelligent customer service, so that intelligent customer service has more “professional knowledge”, and can become more and more intelligent.”In addition, intelligent customer service can only be a useful complement to human services, but never a complete replacement.”Liang yuemin reminded that businesses and enterprises should realize the limitations of intelligent customer service, stand on the position of consumers, and make artificial customer service and intelligent customer service cooperate and complement each other.When consumers face more personality and complex problems, manual customer service can not be absent.Especially in the face of some special groups such as the elderly, it is more important to do manual customer service at the front of the prompt, manual customer service “one key transfer”.Let the intelligent customer service become more professional, human customer service and intelligent customer service coexistence can do a good job.(Cui Congcong, reporter from Hebei Daily) Pay attention to Hebei News Network for the latest news in Hebei.