She xiaojia for everyone in the fight against COVID-19 frontline show responsibility

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“Mother, where is Mother? I want Mother…”A 3-year-old’s heart-wrenching cries echoed through the corridors of a children’s hospital in Taiyuan, causing heartbreak among the staff present.Time goes back a few days.On April 3, the child’s mother kissed her son, who had a fever of 38 degrees, and left for work.The child’s mother is an ordinary teller in the South Inner Ring West Sub-branch of Citic Bank Taiyuan Branch.On her way to work, she thought of the end of work and hurried home to be with her children.Half a day after arriving at the post, a series of news reports, such as the outbreak of the epidemic in Taiyuan, the suspension of subway operation and the closure and control of the district, hit the headlines of the media. The child’s grandmother could not hold back.”Don’t go home will not let into the community, the child is a little lethargic temperature is rising, we are ready to pack up to go to the hospital, you quickly leave.”She was a little anxious, and a little hesitant.Due to the outbreak, many colleagues’ living areas were closed and controlled. Only 6 employees of the branch, which originally had 18 employees, came to their posts. We all tried our best to ensure the normal operation of the branch business.If they leave, how to handle the business, customer service can be guaranteed, one question haunted her.After the end of business that day, she called home to tell her family that she had decided to stay behind and support her work.For three consecutive days, she ate and lived in the unit. She overcame physical exhaustion with tenacious perseverance, handled business meticulously and served customers warmly and thoughtfully.She did not rush to the hospital until the unit dispatched other branch staff to the post. Fortunately, the child was sent to the hospital in time.She sticks to her original aspiration on the ordinary post and dedicates her light and heat silently.At the moment of the epidemic, there are still many lovely Zhongxin people who give up their small homes for everyone and guard their units with their bags on their backs, filling each other’s seats and working day and night to ensure that financial services remain open during the epidemic.They are the epitome of CFC. With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, they coordinate epidemic prevention and control with financial services, and make all-out efforts to win the battle against the epidemic.(Tian Man)