Do old soldiers need to buy social security when they return to local areas?

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Do our veterans have to pay social security after returning from the army?Should oneself buy endowment insurance?These topics are of great concern to us all.For example, when I returned from demobilization in 2008, I paid special attention to this issue and learned some policies in this regard.As long as it is not transferred to find a place for, retired comrade-in-arms back, the proposal to buy social security.First of all, I personally think, as long as you are not transferred, or retired comrades like this, it is recommended to buy social security.Because as we all know, Social Security is where you have to be at retirement age to be able to get a pension like this, in this case, if you’re not at retirement age, you can keep contributing.If you have the ability to pay again, I suggest or must pay social security, do not interrupt midway.After achieving lowest capture expends fixed number of year, the proposal also should continue ground pay.Because of social security, it should be a very important pension income after their retirement age, so we must pay attention to this part.Veterans, demobilized comrades to buy more.Second, I suggest that you choose those who are retired or demobilized, especially if you buy social security.Because we demobilized comrade-in-arms, unlike independent employment ah, now receive monthly retirement pension such comrade-in-arms.We retired, the army all go up in society, is equivalent to an ordinary a common people such a identity, every month has no fixed a service to this, we must get the social security, pension insurance on the rocks, we must have a year to buy to walk, even coefficient is low, I think should also want to join in a timely manner, can’t TuoBao,I think it’s very important.Independent, monthly should also be bought.The third aspect is that we choose to choose our own career, and now we are able to buy insurance for those comrades who receive monthly retirement payments.In line with the policy conditions, even if you buy the most high-end is ok, because everyone knows that you have the ability to spend today, you can actually buy better insurance, when you retire, I think more money, must be a little more assured, a little more security factor.Because the future, the pension, it doesn’t mean you’re living on retirement money, does it?Now you can’t run out of retirement money, so if you increase your social security every year, you’ll get a little more income in the future.Not if you work in the system again.The fourth, that is to say if we retired, or the independent employment, or retired veteran, if you have a day by attending some examination, enrollment, and even these back into the civil service exam system, you actually don’t have to buy the social security in the society, because of your units will be in accordance with your a public servants identity,Or institution or administrative personnel status, the unit will naturally buy endowment insurance for you.For example, I am such, after demobilization returns to place, took an examination of officeholder again later, unit social security goes up normal capture.As to you the individual of period of time on the society bought one part endowment insurance, can amalgamative rise, the personnel cadre of the unit can have done social security this piece to you, continuance of such a circumstance of pay cost of social security.I think we can handle it this way.When getting pension, pay attention to the length of military service as pay fixed number of year.And finally, to our veterans, when we reach retirement age and collect our pensions.Because we can draw the pension insurance the next month when we reach the retirement age.Before that, we have to declare the beginning of the pension, this time to pay attention to your time as a soldier in the army, the file inside the information to provide clear, so that the social security department audit, we will convert the length of service into endowment insurance payment fixed number of years.For example, if you have 20 years of pension, if you have 10 years of military service, then your pension will be paid for 30 years, so that’s how you get your pension.So this thing you in retirement, before reaching the retirement age of veterans, must pay attention to this close, to do things well.Generally speaking, endowment insurance is a very important thing for individuals in our future social security. We must pay attention to it.