161 supermarket stores in Shenyang set up “Huimin vegetable counters”

2022-07-25 0 By

March 25, the reporter learned from the city bureau of Commerce, the bureau actively increase the supply organization, in the city 161 people’s livelihood commodity sales stores set up “Huimin vegetable counters,” the organization for enterprises to take the lead in demonstrating stable prices.Inside tie Xi inn of supermarket of big run hair yesterday, those who sell that day “hui min vegetable” breed is rich, a citizen that is choosing and buy tells a reporter, “hui min vegetable special ark” dish is very fresh, price also material benefit.It is reported that rT-Mart has set up a “Huimin vegetable counter” in six stores in the city, with a total of more than 10 kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, potato, radish and so on. About 2 to 4 kinds of vegetables are put on the shelves every day, which are sold at huimin price below the market price, ensuring the quality of dishes while ensuring stable prices.Zhongxing commercial chain supermarkets in the city’s 5 stores are equipped with “huimin vegetable counter”, every day will select 2 to 3 kinds of vegetables to sell at preferential prices, celery, green onion, eggplant, potatoes, are the daily purchase demand of the citizens more dishes.As the public to buy vegetables demand increases, huimin vegetable counter vegetable varieties have also increased, yesterday sold dishes including cabbage, green pepper, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, broccoli, eggplant and other more than 10 kinds, the future will be based on the public to buy demand, increase food supply.The “Huimin vegetable counter” in five stores of Biyoute supermarket in the city offers 10 kinds of vegetables a day, which are sold below the market price.Supermarkets actively purchase vegetable supplies through more than 100 purchasing bases nationwide to ensure adequate supply of daily dishes.It is understood that city business bureau organized the city’s basket currency guaranteed for operation in the body of the nine large chain supermarket, and five fresh supermarket chain, a total of 161 stores set up shoppe “huimin vegetables, focus on Chinese cabbage, potato, onion, cucumber, pepper, leaf lettuce and other varieties, select 2 or more daily daily vegetable varieties,Sell to the public at a cost price lower than the average market price, increase the supply of low-priced vegetables in the market, and guide the stable operation of vegetable market prices.The reporter learned that the municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the city’s municipal supply assurance team to give full play to the leading role of the backbone enterprises, fulfill corporate responsibilities, adhere to the clear price, integrity management.In addition to increasing the supply guarantee, we will actively take the lead in stabilizing prices, insist on selling easy-to-store vegetables at fair prices, provide the public with a full range of vegetables with high quality and reasonable prices, and ensure stable market prices of daily necessities for residents.On the other hand, from strengthening the organization of supply to stabilize prices, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce actively organized shengfa, Yurun, Dili and other large vegetable wholesale markets, carrefour, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart and other large chain supermarkets, as well as Dili fresh, Xinlongjia and other fresh supermarket chains, organized vegetable supply through multiple channels to increase market supply.Ensure the daily volume of wholesale market is higher than the same period last year.According to the recent increase in the demand for buying Chinese cabbage, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, organized Chinese cabbage production base and the city’s supermarket, fresh supermarket production and marketing docking, plan to increase market investment, ensure the retail market vegetable sales, to meet the consumer demand of citizens.(Shenyang Daily, Shenyang News all media reporter Wang Xiaoting) article source: Leju buy a house