“Total protest against American and Western crimes”!Within 48 hours of Vucic’s memorial, China suddenly weighed in

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NATO is very active on the international stage right now. NATO countries have moved very quickly to sanction Russia for the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.Calling Russia’s actions barbaric “aggression” that must be resisted, NATO extended invitations to galvanize world opinion and broaden sanctions.But not everyone agrees with the United States and the West. There are dissenting voices in Europe. Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vucic, has publicly ruled out sanctions against Russia and started counting NATO’s past misdeeds.Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic attended a memorial service for the victims of NATO bombing of the Southern Alliance and delivered a speech Thursday, Chinanews reported.Mr. Vucic said the victims of the bombing would not be forgotten.It commemorates the 78-day continuous bombing of Yugoslavia by THE US-led NATO without the authorization of the Security Council on March 24, 1999, which killed at least 2,500 innocent civilians and injured about 10,000 others, most of them civilians.And at the same time, demonstrations against NATO were staged directly, RIA Novosti Belgrade reported on March 24, on the 23rd anniversary of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia, a massive demonstration called “We are against NATO” was held in front of the damaged general Staff building in Belgrade.Just 48 hours after Vucic mourned the dead, China also made a statement. Wang Wenbin responded to NATO’s past aggression on Thursday, according to the official wechat account of the Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s Office.Wang Wenbin pointed out that since March 24, 1999, the us-led NATO forces a serious violation of the fundamental principles, relevant international conventions and international relations to bypass the United Nations security council, the brazen to 78 days continued bombing of sovereign state of Yugoslavia, bombing number up to 12000 times, cast more than 10000 tonnes of explosives, more than 3000 missiles, launchFrom medical facilities to cultural sites to homes and schools, thousands of innocent civilians, including three Chinese journalists, were killed.In the course of this operation, NATO also used depleted uranium munitions, which are prohibited by international conventions, to cause long-term adverse effects on the environment and the health of the population in Serbia.The Serbian people, the Chinese people and the people of the world will never forget NATO’s aggression.