Secretary General of Hebei Province Rural Ecological Leisure Agriculture Industry Association visited Kangtai, Hebei for investigation

2022-07-24 0 By

Recently, Dou Lanfang, secretary general of Hebei Rural Ecological Leisure Agriculture Industry Association, visited Hebei Kangtai Plastic Technology Co., LTD.Jiang Huacheng, deputy sales director of North China region, warmly welcomed the leaders and watched the corporate promotional video, followed by a discussion between the two sides.Jiang Huacheng, deputy sales director of North China region, introduced the basic situation of the company.Dou Lanfang, secretary general, put forward suggestions on how to give full play to the advantages of the enterprise and improve the sales ability of products, and expressed that the association would like to establish a long-term strategic partnership with Hebei Kangtai, and offer suggestions for the development and expansion of the product sales market, and cooperate with each other for mutual benefit and win-win situation.At the end of the investigation, accompanied by Jiang Huacheng, deputy sales director of North China Region, Secretary General Dou Lanfang and his delegation went deep into the workshop to visit hebei Kangtai products, management and production process.Hebei Kangtai is located in Lingshou County Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province, founded in 2018, covers an area of about 200 mu, mainly produces PVC, PPR and other pipes, pipe fittings, more than 130 production lines, the main civil construction, municipal engineering, underground pipe corridor plastic products, has won widespread praise in the society, for the economic development of Hebei injected vitality.It has made outstanding contribution to the construction of national pipe network.