3-2!17th place in the league, 8th place in the league

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Real Mallorca beat Athletic Bilbao 3-2 to win their second straight league win and end a nine-game winless run against Bibao.The highlight of the match was undoubtedly The Japanese striker Hideki Hisubo who scored mallorca’s winning goal.This game, mallorca in the Asian double star Nakhisa health care to continue to start, and Lee Kang-in is sitting on the bench.The difference in strength between the two sides is huge, with Bilbao struggling for a Place in Europe and Mallorca teetering on the brink of relegation.Shortly after the start of the game, Mallorca made a number of attacks on the opposition’s defence with the benefit of home.Their attack soon bore fruit and mallorca took a two-goal lead in the 21st minute when A salva Sevilla penalty was capped by rodriguez’s side-kick.Easy side again, the field changes, the 58th minute, Belchiche assist Raul – Garcia scored a goal.Alex Berenguer fell down the middle and hooked the ball into the net from Munyain’s corner in the 60th minute.Athletic Bilbao needed only two minutes to equalise.Then the two sides went into a seesaw game, with neither side able to open the other’s door until the 87th minute.In the 87th minute, Kubo launched an attack on the left side. After passing several feet, his teammates in the penalty area accidentally stopped the ball too big. Kubo took the first step to shoot, and the ball hit the post and bounced over Unai Simon.After the goal of the long health care British due to strip crazy celebration dyed yellow.Unfortunately, the goal did not end up being all about Uboshi, but Simon’s own goal.Uboshi, who made the winner, was then substituted to receive the cheers of the fans.Bilbao could not equalise again and Mallorca scored the winner!Mallorca, who moved from 17th to 15th in the table with three points, can breathe a sigh of relief as they move six points clear of the relegation zone at Alaves.