There are thousands of roads in life, the value of life, lies in what kind of life you have chosen

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There are thousands of paths in life.When we are young, we are all the same, in a hurry, sometimes, so busy that there is no trace.For nothing else, just for one day when we are old, we can have a place to rest. We can read the moon and look at the stars together, or when it gets cold, we can find a place to bask in the sun, and then savor the bitterness and joy, love and hate of our youth….In life, everything depends on yourself.If you are a craftsman, he makes simple things complicated, or complicated things easy, because he does not want you to really learn his art.If it is to solve problems, can simplify complex problems, that is your ability, on the contrary, if the simple things confused, that is your incompetence.No matter what we do in life, there are no ifs, only results.There are thousands of paths in life.There are straight roads, there are detours, and there are roads that have never been done before or since.These roads, perhaps, will lead to the destination.But different ends lead to different ends.There are thousands of paths in life.Some take a straight path, some take a detour, some make a path where no one goes.But the straight road does not necessarily see the “scenery” that people who take a detour see.There are thousands of paths in life.Right or wrong depends on how you go, to break, around the mountain around water or cut thorns.The water meets the mountain around the mountain, meets the stone to let the stone, ends in the sea.When the road of life is blocked, why not choose to turn like water?The value of life lies in the path you choose.The road you take will lead to the result.Only stand up to loneliness, block temptation, finally, to keep busy.Through the young energetic, rampaging age, the rest of my life, no longer arrogantly say what “heaven has no way out of people”, only dare to say “there is always a suitable way to go”.If the heart only desires, a road to black, it is a dead end.Only for more people, regardless of personal gains and losses, share weal and woe, dare to face the difficulties, break a road of hope, can lead more people to step a wider road with you…….There are thousands of paths in life.The value of life lies in what kind of road you choose.There is only one life, not another.Believe, everyone’s beginning, is to strive to create a beautiful heaven on earth, only halfway forget the original intention, insatiable, just into the hell on earth!Different goals and objectives lead to different results.There are thousands of roads in life. Most of the time, only when we pass through the place without light (care) can we know how to cherish the present “poem and distance”.