Superiors let him when Xu Guangda’s deputy, he refused to appoint, after the founding of the general Xu is he is a lieutenant general

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In 1949, party organizations decided to appoint Xu Guangda, commander of the Second Corps of the First Field Army, as commander of the Third Army, and Huang Xinting, commander of the first Division of the Third Army, as deputy commander.Huang Xinting said he was improper deputy commander, when when the commander.However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xu guangda became a general and Huang Xinting became a lieutenant general.It is the duty of a soldier to obey the orders of his superiors. Huang xinting’s behavior of disobeying orders and speaking out will not only anger his superiors, but also attract the attention of others. It is not wise.This can not help but surprise people, who is Huang Xinting also, unexpectedly have such a big tone?And how does the party organization finally deal with this matter?In fact, Huang xinting does not have an unusual background, as some people believe. He is neither the son of a powerful official nor the patron of a powerful man in the army. Moreover, his background is hardly a yardstick by which the Party can judge a soldier.Huang Xinting was born in a poor fisherman’s family. The poverty of his family made him mature and resolute, while playing with fish and shrimp and keeping company with lakes and seas washed out his clear and warm soul and nourished his broad mind.Little by little, these outlined the rudiments of his revolutionary ideas.If childhood let Huang Xinting revolutionary ideas preliminary formation, the influence of the then 1928 year’s uprising, let him completely confirmed they want to participate in the revolutionary idea – he to the Chinese people’s job, for the tens of thousands of struggle in the poverty of society at the bottom of the “Huang Xinting plan b,” to the “Huang Xinting parents” for hundreds of thousands of job.02 outstanding achievements in the Communist Youth League, become a cannon, join the Red Army, with children in the water the most firm and simple steps, Huang Xinting step by step close to their dreams, but also in the battlefield made more and more beautiful results.Huang xinting’s outstanding military strength was reflected in his brave and skillful fighting and his opinions on military plans.Chairman MAO even praised him as “ready to fight”.During the Long March, Huang xinting received an order to lead his troops westward.Huang Xinting, who was the vanguard of the 12th Regiment of the Army, immediately led the team and set out to the west at the speed of 100 li a day.Under The leadership of Huang Xinting, the Red 12 regiment captured a city almost every day, which made the Kuomintang army tremble and made Chiang Kai-shek lose his temper.He had to come to Kunming himself to supervise the war.When crossing the Jinsha River, the reconnaissance team found only a small wooden boat.Crossing the river by wooden boats took a long time, and the longer the delay, the greater the danger the Red Army faced.But what better way than to cross the river in a wooden boat, in a situation so short of tools and so hostile?The answer is yes, clever Huang Xinting came up with a solution — from the upstream of the Papaya ferry across the river.So overnight, the soldiers of the Red 12 regiment all crossed the Jinsha River and continued to move northward. The large army also successfully crossed the Jinsha River two days later.Chiang Kai-shek could only regret it…Therefore, Huang xinting was justified in refusing to be a deputy, as he was fully capable of being a commander, but after all, Xu Guangda had more seniority than him. Huang xinting said so, which was somewhat inconsiderate and embarrassing.So, huang Xinting’s character after all how?Once, Chairman MAO came to the stage to make a speech after inspecting the troops. But the microphone was not properly adjusted and the noise was so loud that no one could hear chairman MAO clearly.At their wits’ end, Huang xinting silently moved a large table to the middle of the line and motioned for Chairman MAO to stand on it and speak.So chairman MAO, supported by Huang Xinting, climbed onto the table and began to speak.In order to prevent the table from shaking and MAO from falling, Huang xinting held it until the end of Chairman MAO’s speech.This is enough to show that Huang Xinting actually respect leaders, and this respect is not just verbal.During the turbulent period, He Long was persecuted, and Huang xinting was also implicated because of his relationship with He Long, but he never said a bad word about him during his four years in prison.In the face of he Long daughter’s gratitude, Huang Xinting said lightly he just don’t tell lies.This also shows that Huang xinting is not mean to his comrades, but also very sincere.What to make of his “no deputy” rhetoric?Indeed, Huang Xinting, who refused to be a deputy commander, was undoubtedly proud, but his pride was the recognition of his own ability and high expectations for his future, rather than looking down on his comrades and superiors.So it is not so much that huang Xinting was supercilious, but rather that his outstanding achievements encouraged the youth’s spirit, so that he could not consciously look at the distance will be small.Persuaded by He Long, Huang finally agreed to serve as deputy commander and Xu Guangda as commander.At a PLA ceremony in 1955, Huang xinting was awarded the rank of lieutenant general, while Xu guangda was awarded the rank of general. This time, Huang xinting had no grievances.Attitude toward Huang Xinting changes have the following views: one view is that with the increase of the growth of the age and experience, Huang Xinting become more mature, the tail from wagging the dog, he knew he didn’t cooperate with will bring to the organization’s work, so even if he still thinks he is better, also won’t get to go.Another theory is that as time went by, Huang’s self-affirmation and appreciation of his fellow soldiers opened up his frame and made him more humble and gentle.So in the end, he really felt that Xu Guangda was more suitable for this honor than he was.No matter which view is correct, one can see the spiritual growth of a revolutionary soldier. As for the attention to oneself and the awareness of others, it can not be said which is right and which is wrong. It can only be said that these two states are two different periods of life.Huang Xinting’s transformation from the former to the latter is undoubtedly an extremely colorful transformation process of life.05 summary in the face of the deputy commander position, Huang Xinting said to be when the commander, this is not because he looked down on Xu Guangda this comrade-in-arms, nor because he did not respect the boss, but he out of a kind of self-affirmation and expectations.Of course, this is also based on his own excellent ability.After all, a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general isn’t a good soldier.Perhaps huang xinting’s words may give people a bad impression of him, but in combination with his other anecdotes, it is not hard to find that Huang Xinting was actually a man who respected his leaders and was sincere to his comrades.In life, people try to judge a person’s character by one thing, which is actually very unfair, because people are complicated and multi-faceted, only one thing is of course not enough to let people know a person, to fully understand each other, people need patience, care and empathy.