Old lottery users share “winning shortcut”?If you haven’t won for years, try “This method”

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Gu Xia everyone says that the lottery is really all luck.Your luck is in. The lottery is your ticket.But who doesn’t want to win the lottery?Although the lottery belongs to the public welfare, but everyone is to buy the lottery to win, there are a lot of old lottery people in Our country, this kind of people unremitting to buy lottery, is looking forward to “overnight rich”, become millions, millions of prize winners.Of course, there are hundreds of millions of bonuses, that is expected and impossible.For a lot of people who often buy lottery tickets, should also figure out some of the ways?There are a lot of old people to buy color for a long time, have their own rules of buying color, for example, according to the odd and even number of the winning number in the past, or the previous data trend, in order to guess the next winning number is also to use every trick in the book.Like some love to buy lottery, is the period is not bad, before also saw a news, said that an old lottery buyer for more than ten years to spend 4000 yuan to buy lottery tickets every month, and finally won ten million of their own are not excited.But are lotteries really regular?Can the lottery players really guess the next winning number?The answer is hard!Not even possible.Do you know the odds of winning the lottery?It is said that this is lower than the probability of being struck by lightning.Probability of so low winning rate, if really can be realized by the lottery rules, how difficult it can be imagined!So, there are lottery people do not look for lottery rules, but buy the same number every day of the year, depending on when the luck arrived.Not to mention, there were lottery winners before the example!So with that in mind, do you think the lottery can be regular?Does winning the lottery really depend on luck?Can there really be a shortcut other than pouring money into the lottery to boost the odds somewhat?If you are to buy color for many years, has been in the “accompany run”, experienced old people realize the “1 method”, maybe can improve the lottery rate, you can try.It is said that the two-color lottery draws 144 times a year, which means that people have 144 chances of winning.If people invest 10 yuan at a time, they will spend 1,440 yuan a year.So, if the change of thinking, will not spend 1440 yuan in accordance with a 10 yuan, but will be divided into 1440 yuan 100 times, 50 times, 20 times, 10 times or even less to spend, then the amount of spending each time will be more, at this time whether lottery players will occupy a larger molecule?In that case, is the probability of winning a little higher?According to the idea of the lottery, in fact, lottery people do not need to participate in the lottery period, the money to buy the lottery in a year to spend separately, although it will make the number of lottery people to participate in less, but at least each time the probability of winning the lottery will be higher than other lottery people.If, in the end, even this does not win the lottery, that period with a small amount of capital expenditure participation, may be the same outcome.However, the old lottery share is also as a reference, buy lottery this matter, everyone has their own way to buy color, and as for the probability of winning, who can say?This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.