“Nine-dragon Cup” illuminates the future for children with the rule of law

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In recent years, the education of minors under the rule of law has become an important link in the construction of law-abiding by the whole people, and the prevention of juvenile crime also plays an extremely important role in maintaining social stability and promoting the construction of socialist country under the rule of law.In the past three years, the total number and proportion of juvenile delinquents in Qujing have been decreasing year after year, the age of crime is relatively concentrated, the charges involved are relatively concentrated, and the punishment is mainly sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more.At present, minor protection and prevention of illegal crime work mainly exist the following problems: family aspect.Parents are the first teachers of children, and the lack of family supervision and education easily leads to the weak concept of rule of law, safety and sexual knowledge of some children.In the cases before my court, a large number of cases embody this problem.If high school student Zhao mou intentional homicide, rape case.Zhao mou’s parents lack of care and education for adolescent children for a long time, do not understand the psychological characteristics of children.Together with Zhao mou make friends carelessly, affected by the network bad information, finally embarked on the road of crime.Such as primary school students Li mou on the way after school by criminals followed, killed and humiliated the body.Li’s parents go out for work all the year round. Li lacks safety education and necessary guidance from his parents. He stays behind for a long time and goes to school alone, which gives criminals an opportunity to take advantage of it.The school.On the one hand, some schools have loopholes in education and management.Qujing Middle School Has tried the case of secondary school student Liu who intentionally hurt his classmates and killed them. In addition to the personal conflicts between students, the school did not carry out strict examination on students going out and the classroom supervision was weak, which also indirectly provided the possibility of the tragedy.On the other hand, some schools only pay attention to intellectual education, but ignore moral and legal education.In recent years, although some schools set up the rule of law course, but it is still insufficient attention and investment.Some minors have very weak concept of rule of law, which is inseparable from the lack of school education.Social management services.The implementation of the system that prohibits minors from entering places is not in place.Some hotels, entertainment venues for minors age audit is not careful enough, illegal accommodation of minors;The negative factors of non-mainstream culture have a bad influence on the thought of minors.Both of them play a role together, providing the place of crime and the incentive of criminal psychology for minors to commit crimes, and providing opportunities for the occurrence of criminal cases.If the defendant Yan and others rape the victim li in a county hotel case.Both parties were minors, and the hotel checked in seven minors without the consent of their guardians.The idea of promoting the protection and prevention of juvenile delinquency work: highlight family prevention, strengthen the responsibility of guardianship.With the implementation of “Family Education Promotion Law”, on the one hand, families should continue to strengthen their inherent family education function, and carry out necessary guardianship and guidance to minors;On the other hand, guardians should pay more attention to the cultivation of the concept of the rule of law, strengthen the construction of their own awareness of the rule of law, legal and reasonable guardianship, timely teach the correct concept of the rule of law to minors, and create a good family atmosphere.We will strengthen school prevention and do a good job in campus safety management and legal education.It is suggested that the school actively establish long-term contact with the public security, culture, industry and commerce, health and other comprehensive departments, regularly investigate unstable factors, and jointly maintain campus safety.To carry out safety education for students, increase the investment in law education, while innovating the way of law education.So that students can take the initiative to accept the education of rule of law, and take the initiative to transform theoretical knowledge into practical ability.We will strengthen social prevention and strengthen comprehensive social management.Strengthen the crackdown on the illegal admission of minors in entertainment and service venues, and establish a complete law enforcement system integrating law enforcement investigation, information communication and comprehensive supervision;Strengthening the construction of specialized institutions, highlighting the important role of judicial organs in protecting minors and preventing juvenile crimes;Supervision and administration of special minors and their communities will be strengthened.Timely registration and filing of minors who drop out of school, lose their jobs, or have their rights and interests infringed, and providing assistance and relief;Timely early warning report and early intervention measures for minors with bad records;Serious misdeeds and minor illegal acts of minors shall be brought into judicial and administrative procedures, and special relief funds for minors in distress shall be established through scientific use of financial allocations and charitable donations, so as to reflect the preventive, educational, protective and humanistic care of judicial and administrative work.