How to play the neijiang | min sweet!The cherries in Neijiang Weiyuan are ripe

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As the temperature warms up, many cherries in Weiyuan County, Neijiang City have matured, attracting a large number of fruit merchants to buy, and many tourists have come to pick and taste fresh.Weiyuan County zhenxi town cherry planting more than 10 thousand mu, built three thousand mu high-quality cherry production base, continuous planting area of more than 7000 mu, is expected this year the town cherry output value can reach 26 million yuan.At a family farm in Nihe Village, Shanwang Town, Weiyuan County, the 110 mu of red concubine and Nanzao red cherry put into production this year is expected to produce about 20, 000 jin, with an output value of 400, 000 to 500, 000 yuan.All personnel from outside the city (returning) should log in the “Sweet City Personal Active reporting system” in advance and truthfully report their relevant information and current health status.