Fried balls, green balls…Hangzhou lockdown community, the Flavor of the New Year is full (VI)

2022-07-23 0 By

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Zhang Ran Correspondent Huang Jinyi Xu Guoqing since January 26, because of the epidemic, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Yiqiao Town Yujing Lanwan community for containment management.Today (January 29), has been the fourth day of the community containment management.Red Chinese knots hang in the community.”Volunteers from Yiqiao town sent them to the residents, including Chinese knots,” fu “(Chinese character for happiness) and lanterns, all of which have a strong sense of New Year and ceremony.”Staff told qianjiang Evening News hour news reporter.To Chinese New Year, abundant Chinese New Year supplies have also arrived at the royal Scene blue Bay community.Today, eight types of urgently needed supplies, including 10,000 masks, 300 protective suits, 140 boxes of milk, 120 boxes of instant noodles and 50 cold coats, have been sent to the community.Sanjiang Supply and Marketing Association also donated 600 kilograms of vegetables and 150 kilograms of meat.Pet Sheep donated 120 kilograms of mutton products.Dazaotou Restaurant in the development Zone donated 500 kilograms of vegetables, and Hangzhou Xingyao Company donated 50 boxes of milk, bread and other food.The front-line logistics support team of Yiqiao Town purchased 100 carts and increased the number to more than 400 people. The supplies were delivered efficiently and orderly to the homes of more than 5,400 isolated households by means of assembly line operation.Some residents have prepared fried balls and fried cakes for the Spring Festival in advance.”There are a lot of chicken and pork, which can’t be eaten all at once. Just make it into cakes and balls and eat it slowly during the Spring Festival.”There are residents with the flour sent to do xiaoshan residents love qingtuan.Lei Yanhong and her daughter, building 7, played badminton in the room.”Badminton dozen dozen, also quite happy.”Lei Yanhong says, motion can alleviate the small annoyance of isolated day, also can prevent get fat, the day that occupies the home still should move.”The Chinese New Year is two days away. I wish the residents of fenghong community a happy New Year in advance.I hope this will bring warmth to the residents and bring them a prosperous Year of the Tiger.”The relevant person in charge of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Yujing Lanwan Community said that many epidemic prevention and control personnel, regardless of the danger, give up their homes for everyone, fighting day and night in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, guarding everyone, but also very grateful for their efforts: “I believe that we work together, we will surely usher in spring.”