Cattle!Huizhou enterprises help use “green electricity” for Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened on February 4. With the theme of “simple, safe and wonderful”, the opening ceremony lasted less than 200 minutes and realized the perfect combination of innovation and science and technology.Power supply guarantee is an important part of the Winter Olympic Games. The emergency power guarantee work of the power supply guarantee team has provided strong support for the power supply safety of the Winter Olympic Games. Guangdong Yiding New Energy Vehicle Co., LTD., an enterprise of Zhongkai High-tech Zone, is one of the participants.Recently, the reporter learned that Guangdong Yiding New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. in zhangjiakou Olympic Games area for the communication base station to provide green environmental protection emergency power guarantee work, help the Olympic Venues to use “green electricity”, to achieve the “green Olympics”, carbon peak, carbon neutralization goals.”EVE green silent power generator has entered zhangjiakou Olympic Games area, and will support Zhangjiakou China Mobile, China Unicom and China Railway Tower to provide green and environmental protection emergency power guarantee for communication base stations in the Olympic Games area.”Related person in charge of Yiding New Energy company.Reporters learned that the company has arranged 13 EVE green quiet power generation vehicles and 250 sets of portable power generation devices in Zhangjiakou competition area.Among them, mute generator vehicle provides power generation guarantee for high-power base station, and portable generator device is used for emergency guarantee for machine room backup, increasing the power backup time of machine room, and providing mute power generation guarantee for each key support station.In addition, there are three electric vehicles equipped with EVE battery system in Beijing to participate in the Olympic Games.Green Hosting of the Olympic Games is one of the concepts of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. For the first time, all venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be supplied with 100% green electricity.Due to its green and environmental protection characteristics, EVE green silent generator can not only guarantee emergency power, but also effectively avoid the noise and exhaust pollution caused by the use of oil generator devices, which can fully realize the supply of green power and help “green Olympic Games”.The official said that the security team composed of operators is on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the normal operation of the machine room and ensure the smooth provision of power communication and power generation for the venues during the Winter Olympics.”To the future together!Yiding New Energy will do its best to ensure power communication and power generation and help the Successful hosting of the Winter Olympics.”Yiding new energy.Yiding New Energy Company is located in Tonghu Ecological Wisdom Zone, Zhongkai High-tech Zone. EVE Energy Co., Ltd and EVE Energy Co., Ltd belong to the same parent company — Xizang Yiwei Holding Co., Ltd.This is not the first time for EVE to participate in major emergency power communication and power generation work such as the Winter Olympics.Following the support of Jinggangshan Spring Festival Gala in 2019, the emergency rescue of Yancheng Big Explosion in March 2019, and the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital in the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, Evman has demonstrated its value with its products and services in major emergency support tasks again.In 2020, in order to guarantee the urgent construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, Yiwei completed the vehicle deployment, delivery and emergency power generation of EVE silent generator in less than one day, ensuring the base station commissioning and delivery of Huoshenshan Hospital.According to reports, on January 26 of that year, the construction of two base stations of Huoshenshan Hospital was completed, but the two 5G tower and building integration hongji station could not be put into use because the hospital was connected to the external power supply temporarily.Hubei Tower Energy Company made a request to Ievus to provide silent generator cars to solve the emergency power generation problem of base stations.Time is life!After the company received the customer’s demand that night, it immediately mobilized colleagues to deploy the vehicle and completed the delivery the next morning.”At that time, due to the traffic control of the epidemic, Eva’s technical staff could not arrive at the scene, but completed the operation training of emergency power generation in the first time through telephone communication.”A person in charge of the company said that by remotely assisting tower power experts to achieve power access, it provided power guarantee for the commissioning and normal operation of the new 5G base station. The quick response of EVE silent generator car was highly recognized by Hubei Tower Energy.EVE Energy Co., Ltd and EVE Energy Co., Ltd were founded in 2001 and listed in the first batch of Gem in Shenzhen in 2009. After 21 years of rapid development, EVE Energy Co., Ltd has become a globally competitive lithium battery platform company with core technologies and comprehensive solutions for consumer and power batteries.Products are widely used in the Internet of things, energy Internet.Guangdong Yiding New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a new Energy vehicle enterprise supported by Huizhou Government. Founded in 2015, EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xizang Yiwei Holding Co., Ltd.Relying on the advanced power battery technology of listed Company Yiwei Lithium Energy, Yiding New Energy focuses on the development of application technology of new energy vehicle platform, providing integrated services including the design, research and development, production, sales + leasing operation and after-sales maintenance of silent power generator and on-board energy storage power generation system.Huizhou Daily reporter Qiu Shuting wei Yilan Yang Jinghe correspondent Li Zhiling