Zhuzhou cemented carbide issued the province’s first RCEP export to South Korea origin statement

2022-07-22 0 By

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) officially entered into force for South Korea on February 1.Recently, Zhuzhou Cemented carbide import and Export Co., LTD., as the first exporter approved by the customs in our province, issued the province’s first RCEP statement of origin for a batch of cemented carbide round rods to be exported to South Korea.With this declaration, companies no longer need to apply for a certificate of origin at a visa agency, and can enjoy tariff concessions for importing countries.”With this announcement, the goods are expected to enjoy a tariff reduction of 130,000 yuan when they are imported to South Korea.”Zhuzhou cemented carbide import and export Co., Ltd. related person in charge of introduction, has been, the company’s production of cemented carbide products in the export of South Korea by air, transport time is short, often need to certificate with the goods go.Once meet legal holidays, goods shipment and certificate connection inevitably appear delay.After RCEP is introduced into the management of approved exporters, the exporters approved by the customs can issue the declaration of origin on their own and enjoy the tariff concession of the importing country without having to go to the visa agency for the certificate of origin.”Once we can independently issue the declaration of origin, we can greatly improve our efficiency, which also improves our customer service satisfaction and helps us further expand into the international market.”The person in charge said.The declaration of origin is a guarantee statement issued by the enterprises to ensure that their products conform to national standards, which is also an effective “passport” for products to enter the international market.If you want to become an approved exporter, you must have the advanced customs certification enterprise, master the rules of origin under the relevant preferential trade agreement, and establish a complete management system of origin qualification documents.In addition to strains hard group, Zhuzhou times new material company has also been approved by the customs approved exporter qualification.Next, Zhuzhou Customs will encourage and help the majority of import and export enterprises to obtain the approved exporter qualification through improving the credit level, compliance management and other ways, and fully enjoy the policy dividend.Source/Zhuzhou Daily reporter/Ren Yuan correspondent/Tian Hao editor/Xiao ‘an contribute email: 610255300@qq.com news hotline: 17352733309 (Wu reporter), 15907333036 (Shu reporter) statement: share to respect the original, reproduced please indicate the source, the author.If there is infringement, please contact “Zhuzhou release” to delete.