The road upgrading project in the old town of the county was completed to improve the happiness index of citizens

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In view of the fact that some roads in the old city of the county are damaged, the county has upgraded some roads in the east and north communities of the city, which has been fully completed, improving the quality of the city and the sense of happiness and gain of the masses. This project is also one of the ten practical things about people’s livelihood in the county in 2021.Recently, the general public found that more than 10 roads, including education Road, industrial Road, cultural Road and Qianjin Road, have taken on a new look, which not only provides safety and convenience for citizens to travel, but also improves the traffic environment and enhances the quality of the county, which has been praised by citizens.Citizen Zhu Shu: now the road is easy to walk, the light has changed very beautiful, the night is very bright, the road is easy to walk, the change is very big.Uncle He: now it’s finished. It must be good. It’s straight through.Citizen Miss Luo: before the road here is very bad, uneven, (now) much more convenient than before, the road is much wider, now everywhere connected, much more convenient, looks much more comfortable.It is understood that the road upgrading and reconstruction of the old town, mainly to the east of the old town and the north of the city community part of the implementation of road hardbacking, sewage drainage system transformation, green lighting.Zhang Changlong, a staff member of the county Housing and Construction Administration Bureau, said: More than 20 million yuan has been invested in the upgrading and reconstruction of damaged roads in the old city of the county. The implementation mainly includes: the improvement of sewage system, the marking of traffic signs, the hard underlining of roads, and the asphalt paving of roads.In line with the principle of safer driving, we widen the existing roads where we can widen them.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project undertaer county Housing and Construction Administration attaches great importance to strengthen coordination and communication with the public security traffic police, market supervision bureau, power supply, unicom and other departments, timely solve the problems encountered in the construction, and strengthen quality supervision.After the transformation, the road is smooth and spacious, and the traffic signs are obvious. Sidewalks are added on both sides of the road, and orchid lamps are installed, showing the new appearance of “The city of Orchid rhyme”.County Housing management Bureau staff Zhang Changlong: before the street lights are ordinary street lights, now after upgrading, we unified replacement orchid lights, forming a new look to see the lights during the day, at night.The completion of road upgrading and reconstruction project in the old town of the county has further improved the level of urban appearance and greatly enhanced the general citizens’ sense of happiness, gain and security.However, uncivilized parking, parking vehicles on the sidewalk has become an impact on the public travel and the city beautiful disharmonious phenomenon.County housing management bureau staff Zhang Changlong: I would like to appeal to the general public friends, we should be in accordance with the traffic line for vehicle parking, to ensure that the road upgrade after transformation, so that the general public really benefit.