Homestead building: government departments, village-level organizations and their responsibilities

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New land administration and land administration law implementation regulations while strengthening the farmers living rights and interests safeguard, set “to”, but also to strengthen the management of department responsibilities and the principle of territorial management, through the program specification, licensing examination and approval, and involves the good agricultural land to agricultural land examination and approval to ensure reasonable land use, such as legal, compliance,Different government functional departments have different responsibilities in the use of homestead, and they are integrated with each other to form the supervision and management system of homestead.The first is the agricultural and rural sector, which plays an important role in the daily management of homestead, mainly in the formulation and implementation of standards for the use of homestead, investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations on homestead, statistics and investigation of homestead needs, utilization of idle homestead, etc.The second is the natural resources department, which is mainly responsible for planning formulation, approval of agricultural land conversion, issuance of planning permission and ownership certificate in the use of homestead.Third, urban and rural construction and housing departments, whose responsibilities are mainly the control of architectural style, the formulation and implementation of building quality standards.Township government plays a very important role in the management of rural homestead, which is mainly reflected in the examination and approval of homestead, the legality of rural construction planning permit, the inspection and supervision of quality and style in the construction process.Village-level organizations also play a key role in the management of rural homestead, which is mainly reflected in the preliminary examination and publicity of the application materials for the use of rural homestead, and the supervision and reporting of violations of laws and regulations in the process of the use of rural homestead.