“Dual Use of one Shed” to increase income (Go to grassroots in Spring)

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“Spring rain is as precious as oil!There is not a moment to lose.”Spring rain patter, early in the morning, Fujian Fu ‘an Saiqi town xianghuan village villagers Chen Tansheng rode three wheels to the village cadres Guo Shengfa home, from his hands to receive more than 100 pounds of potato seed blocks.In time for the rain, he will plant potatoes in his 13-acre grape shed.Big grape growers grow potatoes. What’s going on?Chen Tansheng is a master of grape planting. Since 1997, he has planted jufeng grapes, and his annual income is nearly 300,000 yuan.Saiqi town planted 12 thousand mu of grapes, fruit farmers per capita income more than 20 thousand yuan.How to go to the next level, can “a shed dual use”?To this end, Saiqi town agricultural technology station chief Xiao Wenguang pulse open: “we invite experts in-depth research, put forward the vineyard interplanting potato program.”Hand hold a bag of potato seed block, Xiao Wenguang in the village courtyard to villagers science: “grapes are light plants, potatoes are relatively resistant to shade, and grape root deep and wide, potato root short, both absorb fertilizer levels are different.After interplanting, the yield is high and the benefit is good.”Will growing potatoes affect grape production?””What are the precautions for interplanting?”…In the face of the villagers’ questions, saiqi town established 6 planting work special class and 1 inspection group, each special class were composed of town cadres, agricultural technical personnel and planting large households, at the same time each division area by 1 village party member cadres cooperate to advance.On-site inspection, implementation of planting personnel list, household publicity……At present, like ring village has more than 520 acres of grape interplanting potatoes.Swing a hoe, dig a shallow hole under the grapevine, put a potato seed block every 50 cm, straighten, cover, water…”13 acres of grape shed planted potatoes, can produce 6,000 pounds of potatoes, and can increase the income of ten thousand pieces!”Wiping sweat on his forehead, Chen Tansheng smiled from ear to ear, holding his hoe with both hands.People’s Daily (04 edition on February 15, 2022) (Edited by Bai Yu and Zhao Xinyue) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn