Buying strategy: choose the right residence, the next 10 years do not regret!Avoid three types of neighborhoods

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With the increasing pressure of people’s life, many people live a dull life at two points, the community has become our most in and out of the place, therefore, more and more people when buying a house, will put forward higher requirements for the community.Community size, environment, planning and so on become an important consideration in the selection of gangneed property.Today, we are going to plate a plate which community must pay attention to.Super large Community What is super large community?It makes sense to judge supersize by population.Generally speaking, super-large residential areas have a population of more than 50,000 and a land size of more than 1.2 million square meters.In Asia, the most representative is Tiantongyuan community in Beijing. According to the statistics of the 7th General Election in 2020, Tiantongyuan community has a population of 300,000 and covers an area of 8 square kilometers.So, what are the disadvantages of the super-large community?Although the life supporting facilities of the super-large community are relatively perfect, including shopping centers, transportation and entertainment facilities, such supporting facilities are not satisfactory when it comes to per capita resources.In addition, the large area is a lot of people coming and going, and the noise is heavy.Especially for friends who like quiet living environment, super large community is not the right choice.According to a survey report, 63.8 percent of households with fresh needs prefer a medium-size neighborhood, 22.5 percent prefer a large-size neighborhood, 11.5 percent prefer a small-size neighborhood, and only 2.2 percent prefer a large-size neighborhood.High-rise communities The topic of high-rise buildings has been discussed many times in previous articles.Starting from 2020, the country has carried out the first step to limit the height of the floor, and in 2021, it is clear that the height and construction scope of the limit.In 2020, housing and urban-rural development and the National Development and Reform Commission issued “on further strengthening the management of the city and architecture style notice, which aimed at super-tall landmarks, strictly limited blind planning around the building super-tall” skyscraper “, generally no new, more than 500 m building, 250 meters above the strict limits on new buildings.On June 9, 2021, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other 15 departments issued opinions on Strengthening Green and Low-carbon Construction of County towns.One of the floor requirements, the county new residential building to 6 floors, to encourage the installation of new multi-storey residential lift.New residential buildings in the county are no more than 18 storeys high.In July 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Infrastructure Construction Projects to Ensure the Safety and Quality of projects. The Notice proposed that the examination of super high-rise buildings should be strictly controlled.Seismic fortification examination and approval system for over-limit high-rise building projects should be strictly implemented for buildings over 100 meters high.Construction of buildings over 250 meters is strictly restricted, and super-tall buildings over 500 meters are prohibited.It can be seen that the high fever is gradually retreating and dispersing, and the appreciation space of the high-rise community has also begun to become limited.Especially in the county, if you also use height as a yardstick, then the final gain is not worth the loss.Exurbs exurbs are always something to watch out for.Although housing prices in central cities may be difficult to accept in the short term, the next best thing to buying an outer suburb seems like a good option.However, the truth remains that good resources will eventually flow to the central city, and the industry and dividend can hardly radiate to the area where the remote community is located.At the same time, the state is also vigorously building affordable rental housing in central cities, with friendly rental conditions and prices, and targeting young people and new citizens.If you want to work in the central city, then you can consider first to meet the requirements of living somewhere, and then to meet the requirements of living somewhere, suburban community is not the best choice.