When the “leading area is in progress”, the “triangle” cycle will be unblocked to activate potential economic momentum

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If the investment and financing density of hard technology enterprises can be used to mark the heat of A region, then the spring of Pudong’s leading area must come earlier: from January 4, When Bi Chen Pharmaceutical completed the B round financing of 30 million DOLLARS, to January 29, when Dansheng Pharmaceutical completed the A round financing of 40 million dollars;From January 10, the medical health to hkex submit a prospectus, dragon to January 27 core technology on kechuang board starting – 2022 days in a month, the whole zhangjiang science city successive blockbuster news, the latest influx of financial living water will lead area links up the science and technology and industry, for a period of technical research and industrialization future foot flat to the ground.Facing numerous challenges and pressure, Shanghai’s economy needs to move to a higher level, and Pudong New Area is taking the lead in seizing the “triangle” of science and technology, industry and finance to deepen reform and promote high-level circulation.Many “old Zhangjiang” are used to regard the Zhangjiang High-tech Station of rail transit Line 2 as the “origin” of the whole Zhangjiang Science City.Zhang Jie, now an entrepreneur, angel investor and entrepreneur mentor, has set up his incubator, Pujian Jikang Medical Innovation Base, less than 1,000 meters away from the subway station.The growth cycle of medical device entrepreneurial projects generally takes 5 to 8 years, and innovative drug projects take more than 10 years.”We have incubated more than 10 startups in the healthcare sector, many of which have made breakthrough progress, from the segment ‘unicorn’ that is about to go public to the potential companies that have obtained registration licenses and are about to launch their products on the market.”Zhang Jie told Xiao Bu that “from 0 to 1” incubation, the key is to build a full life cycle of innovation ecology.In fact, in the leading area of Pudong, a group of “small but sophisticated” professional incubators may not be “out of the loop” themselves, but they can use their platforms to accurately match resources and continue to incubate “top-flow” projects occupying the new track.Bo Ruijian, which focuses on the research and development of innovative drugs in the field of central nervous system, grew up in pujian Jikang Medical Innovation Base.Last year, the company set up a platform for the transformation of new drug technology. This year, it set a new goal — to promote the development of several innovative drugs and diagnostic reagents, and financing plans are accelerating.”The key to our industrial and ecological endeavors is to understand, respect and grasp the laws of innovation.”In the view of Yuan Tao, chairman of Zhangjiang Group, the smooth “triangle” interaction means that we should focus on both ends of the industrial chain — from the source, integrate resources to promote the transformation of strategic sources, and accelerate the transformation of “innovative ideas” to “start-up companies”;From the end of the force, strengthen the platform to promote industrial empowerment, accelerate the “start-up company” to “leading enterprise” promotion.The two-year-old Zhangjiang Cell Industrial Park, located in the south of Zhangjiang Science City, was upgraded to The Zhangjiang Cell and Gene Industrial Park in October last year, and has attracted more than 80 companies.Compared with its inception, the number of enterprises in the park has more than doubled, covering different fields such as cell research and development, storage, equipment production and industrial platform.Fosun Kite’s Yikaida is the first CAR T cell therapy product approved for market in China, and its industrialization is located in Zhangjiang. It only takes 9 months from the beginning of construction to the obtaining of the production license, which buys a lot of time for patients to use innovative drugs as soon as possible.Qi Yuanyuan, fosun kitt’s chief operating officer, said the company was already discussing capacity expansion. “In the future, we hope not only to put r&d in Pudong, but also to realize more industrial layout here.”In order to achieve industrialization, Pudong takes the lead in coordinating the layout of industrial space and further improving and expanding the existing biomedical industrial parks to gather industrial elements.At the same time, we will further simplify the adjustment procedure for industrial land planning indicators, determine the development intensity of industrial land as needed, meet the diverse needs of manufacturing, pilot testing and scientific research, and increase economic density.By the middle of this year, the Zhangjiang Cell Industrial Park will have a space of 300,000 square meters, which is expected to accommodate more enterprises and R&D institutions to conduct more innovation and exploration.With the opportunity of pudong leading area construction, Zhangjiang Science City’s advantages in cell technology innovation chain and industrial chain will bring more possibilities for the global cell therapy industry.It is expected that by 2027, the output value of Zhangjiang cell and gene industry will reach 20 billion yuan, with more than 200 related enterprises, no less than 30 leading enterprises in subdivided fields, and more than 10 listed products. It will become the core demonstration area for innovation and development of national cell and gene industry, and form core competitiveness.In the future, with Zhangjiang Science City as the core carrying area and the North-South science and technology innovation corridor, the entire Pudong biomedical industry will realize the coordinated development of the north and the South.In order to give more good item and good industry escort, mixing all kinds of industrial land use exploration and pilot has in pudong, by “clear purpose + ratio” mode, “improve the single land use industry mix component” model, “comfortable building USES + independent ratio” mode, such as innovation, constantly enhance the level of economical and intensive utilization of land and quality development of power industry.To promote the high-level circulation of science and technology, industry and finance, the capital market undoubtedly plays the role of “hub”.By the end of 2021, 32 Pudong enterprises had listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, raising 108.3 billion yuan in initial public offerings, accounting for 54 percent and 71 percent of Shanghai’s total.These listed companies mainly focus on next-generation information technology, biomedicine, high-end equipment and other technological breakthroughs.We will further open up the financial sector in an orderly manner, improve the financial market system, product system, institutional system and infrastructure system, support the establishment of an international financial assets trading platform in Pudong, and allow qualified foreign institutional investors (QFIIs) to use RENMINBI to participate in the issuance and trading of stocks on the Science and Technology Innovation Board on a trial basis.To study the steady implementation of the registration system centering on information disclosure in the whole securities market and the introduction of the market maker system in the science and technology Innovation Board, which are the reform tasks explicitly assigned to Pudong by the opinions of the leading district in the capital market.How to make hard technology not short of investment?Since the beginning of this year, pudong has taken the lead in piloting a new mechanism that replaces administrative compliance certificates with corporate credit information reports in response to the actual demand for listing compliance certificates issued by companies planning to go public.”We will further strengthen the mechanism of joint visits, counseling, consultation and training with regulatory authorities and exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong to explore and proactively respond to the financing needs of enterprises of different sizes and types in different markets.”Zhang Hong, director of financial work bureau of Pudong New Area, revealed that it is promoting the establishment of pudong New Area enterprise listing promotion meeting, gathering more professional and market-oriented service resources, and comprehensively promoting enterprises to connect with multi-level capital market.Offer the Shanghai stock exchange, Shanghai futures exchange, Shanghai insurance exchange, China property right exchange, the central Treasury securities registration and clearing co., LTD (debt), China’s trust registration co., LTD (citic), China securities depository and clearing co., LTD. (csi) market and national elements such as lujiazui financial infrastructure,It has also anchored the high-level cycle of science and technology, finance and industry, comprehensively improved its core functions and accelerated the building of an international first-class City.Recently, Lujiazui City is studying relevant measures to activate potential industrial development space and better cultivate new development momentum for the future.Source: Pudong