Wanzhou village more than 2000 households change “shareholders”, every bonus!

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“Cheng Di Ming, equity certificate.”On February 11, a special courtyard dam meeting was held in Anxi Village, Changling Town.Chen Xianqi, the village party secretary, sat at a table and read out the villagers’ names.Cheng Deming squeezed out of the crowd, quickly walked forward, hand over the red equity certificate.On that day, Anxi Village issued stock certificates for members of the village collective economy, so that each member of the village collective economy has the “certificate” to participate in the distribution of collective income, with the security of wealth.”Get the certificate, feel more at ease” “our rights and interests are protected” “certificate comes, dividends will be soon, let people look forward to”……The villagers you a word I a word, get stock certificate of happy mood overflow in expression.It is reported that as changling town the first collective economic dividend distribution pilot area, anxi Village issued the equity certificate is an innovative measure of the reform of rural collective assets share cooperation system, but also the latest results of the development and growth of rural collective economy.In recent years, Anxi Village has seized the opportunity of poverty alleviation, continuously developed and strengthened the collective economic industry of the village, explored and promoted the reform of “three changes”, and established and improved the benefit connection mechanism. At the end of last year, the collective economic income of the village exceeded 1 million yuan, becoming the first administrative village in Wanzhou District to break through the million mark.”When the collective economy ‘earns’ money, members of the collective economy share it.”Chen xianqi introduced that Anxi Village plans to distribute income to members of collective economy this year, for which the identity of members of collective economy has been confirmed.This issue equity certificate, is to let the villagers become “id card” shareholders, better protect the interests of collective economic members.This time, the collective economic members of Anxi Village have confirmed 2250 households, and the issuance of stock certificates will continue in accordance with the pilot program of Anxi Village to ensure that every household is not lost and every one is not bad, so that every villager “shareholders” can enjoy the dividends brought by development.Reporter Yao Huayan correspondent to spring